Monday, August 27, 2012

Our Journey Begins (Began)

It's been a long, tiring journey, but here we are at last!
And here I am again. I haven't written a blog for quite a while, so sorry to our followers!!! :D  I was either too busy, or never remembered.

So here we are in America! What a trip. Sixteen hours in a plane... At least we were adding hours. It's easier to go west over lots of time zones than east.
We were in New Jersey for the first three weeks. As we took a three week break from school, we visited some of the main historical attractions, the Liberty Bell and Independence Hall in Philadelphia, and the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island in New York. It was cool to visit them.
We were also visited by the Bouffards, a fellow missionary family who are now not returning to Uganda. We had a great few hours with them, swimming in my cousin once removed's pool. Wow, that was confusing. Ok. First of all, we were staying at my mom's cousin's house. Mom's two year-deceased aunt's house. Ok. Now, we swam with the Bouffard kids and ate lunch with them. Ok. Got that cleared up. I'm proud to say I saw Micah Bouffard and Emily go off the diving board for the first time! Yey!
Last week we left New Jersey and headed west, crossing Delaware, Maryland, and West Virginia. We ended up in Kentucky for the night and headed north about a hundred miles to the Creation Museum there. The Creation Museum was really interesting, if you're ever in Kentucky you should go up there. They had amazing wax figures, movies, pictures... It was awesome! They had a walk through of creation, and the fall, how much bad is in this world and how Jesus is redeeming it and is going to destroy it all in the end. It was pretty convincing.
After driving four hours through Indiana to Illinois, we stopped for the night and headed down to Oklahoma. We got here on Tuesday, or Wednesday last week I think. Friday afternoon we drove almost two hours to my uncle's house in Arkansas, my mom's brother Keith. I have two older girl cousins there, one of which is getting married next year! We stayed the night and drove back here the next evening. It was great seeing them again and meeting my future cousin-in-law. :)
Well, it's been about four weeks since we've been here. I guess one of the great things of being back is that I can wear shorts and pants again. And it's been fun seeing everyone here! But I really miss all my friends and family back home, in Uganda. It's only four months left, and it'll go quick, but it still seems like a long time.
I've learned a bit more on my guitar since we've returned, thanks to my second cousin Jeff, and my future cousin-in-law, Eldon. They've taught me a few more chords and, thanks to Eldon, now have tons of song sheets on my computer.
We have another trip coming up on Thursday. We head up to Kansas, to spend a few weeks with our old friends that-a-way.
The pictures are of my granddad, dad and I being patriotic. Notice the shirts and hat. The other one is Katelyn, Micah, Emily and I in my long-gone, great-uncle's pool.


Wednesday, August 22, 2012

In America!!!!

    We're in America!! Three weeks from Monday we flew in. The plane rides were very tiring. Most of the day we were on the first plane from Entebbe, Uganda, to London, Great Britain. The rest of the day we were chasing the sun from London to Philadelphia. We stayed with a relative in a town called Haddon Heights that isn't to far from Philadelphia.
    One day we went to Philadelphia to see the historic stuff there, such as the Independence Hall and the Liberty Bell. That was fun and so was going to the Islands of New York. We learned more about the Immigrants that came through Ellis Island. I don't remember learning about them before, but now I have. We also got to see the Statue of Liberty up close.
    We stayed there for a few weeks until Sunday the 19th, when we left early for a long drive. These drives were even more tiring then the plane rides I think. The first day we drove a 12 hour long drive to Lexington. The second we went to Cincinnati to go to the Creation Museum. That was fun. Then a 4 hour drive to Mount Vernon, Illinois, then an 8 hour drive to here in Tulsa. I barely survived.
    We miss the Ebenezer kids and they miss us too. We talk to at least one of them at least once a week. Of course we miss the Western families too. We also miss our cat Nutmeg. We have a Western lady looking after the cat and the house. We're looking forward to seeing all of our friends and our relatives as we journey through the States.
    Thank you all for your prayers and support. We appreciate it very much, especially as we travel across the US. Please pray for the trips, that they would go well. Thanks again, hopefully we will see most of you soon!