Friday, April 29, 2011


Yes, we had a hurricane. Ok, no. We didn't have exactly a hurricane, but it did feel like it. The wind was sure enough.
It started on the same day when the P•5 science teacher died. It was a sad Monday morning, it made me think a lot about how fragile life is, and how happy he must be right now. I had to get out of the house, I had been inside all that morning. So Micah and I went over to the basket ball court. I didn't really feel like playing too much because of the death, and all the people and police standing around the singles' dorm. I sat and thought until one of the Enterprise Farm workers, a 14-year old boy named Moses came and wanted to play a game.
(Ok, all this information isn't needed so I'll continue.) Wind started kicking up and there were a lot of dark clouds in the east, and I mean dark. Forty-five minutes later it started raining lightly. Ten minutes later it started raining harder and the rain started coming through the windows. Five minutes after that, it was blowing really really hard while raining. Micah took the umbrella outside to grab something before it got too wet (too late) and almost couldn't get back inside the door, it was blowing to hard.
About, a half-hour of rain and wind, mopping up the floor and trying to keep the water OUT-side, the wind and rain subsided, leaving just little spits of water every now and then. We had a pond in the master bedroom, a river in the driveway, and a lake in the back yard. Great fun, great fun. We hope we don't have another storm like that...
Nothing much else has happened, just that we have three cats at the moment, one we got two weeks ago (she's the cutest thing in the WORLD) and the Basket Ball Boys, the Stallions (or Triple Bs!) Are in the Nationals.
Please be praying for them as they are greatly discouraged after loosing the first game by 16 and loosing to last year's champions. If they win two today, the go on to the semi-finals. Pray for them to not be discouraged about not wining the championship and to focus on pleasing God, not for their glory but for His.
Thanks for all the prayers for rain, as you can see we've had a ton!

The two pictures are: Of our new kitten Nutmeg (Meggie, the cutie) and me on one of our worship teams on Easter Sunday. From left to right: Auntie (I forgot her name...) :(, Uncle Chris, Oliver (shorter girl), Faith (beside U. Chris), Annette, Anthony (dark in background) Joanna (facing away), Me, Uncle Rukundo, Auntie Grace, Joel (with guitar and singing, he was "somehow" sick that day :)

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Our Oldest Son, Kakuba, John

As we introduce you to our family, I thought I would start with our oldest son, Kakuba, John. I chose to start with him because he will not be with us much longer as he is going away to school in Kampala next month. Kakuba was one of the first members of Ebenezer family, coming to New hope in 1996 at the age of 7 years old. He initially lived in a dorm type setting until Ebenezer family was formed, then moved in to the family group. Although his father died before he came to New Hope, his mother is still alive as well as several siblings. His mother lives nearby and he regularly goes to help her. He has a plot of land near his mother's house that he inherited that he takes care of, planting various crops and caring for them.
Kakuba plans to study electrical engineering in school with an emphasis on repairing small appliances. After a two year electrical engineering degree, he plans to work and put himself through an additional two years of school to get an equivalent of a high school diploma. This is important for him to do as it will open up more job opportunities.
Kakuba says it is exciting to go away to school, yet a little scary too. He is moving from a rural setting to the country's largest city. He desires to make Godly friends and continue to follow God in the midst of much ungodliness in the city. There is also a lot theft in Kampala, and new people are often taken advantage of. He would appreciate your prayers for God's protection of his heart, mind and possessions! He was encouraged to find a room to rent across the street from a large, active church and has already gone and spoken with the leadership about how he can be involved. We praise God for arranging his housing so close to the church.
The family will miss Kakuba. As the oldest member, he is a leader in the family and is much loved. Recently I was down in the family when Kakuba returned from an absence of several days. It was neat to see how excited everyone was to see him. I was sitting reading to one of the youngest members, five year old William. When he saw Kakuba, he jumped up yelling "Kakuba, Kakuba!" and about fell down trying to run to him to hug him. It was then I realized the quality of Kakuba character

Thursday, April 14, 2011

This and that.

This week has been complicated. We don't have Luganda lesson this week because our teacher is watching a baby and she can't come. She said after a few weeks we could maybe go over there and she could teach us. So Monday and Tuesday were regular school days except for no Luganda. We also have started to climb every day a huge Mango tree that is perfect for climbing, except for a wasps nest that is in a Y on one of the branches. One of our friends here found that out the hard way. He got stung at least six times. Other than that, it's an awesome climbing tree.
Yesterday (Wednesday) Auntie Andrea Bouffard (you'll know her if you read my 'Camp' blog) had her baby so we had her kids over for a while. Then my dad brought them back over to their house to sleep there and he also slept there. Then the next morning they came back over for breakfast and then their dad came and got them to see their mom and baby sister.
Tonight we're going to a goodbye party at our family group for one of the older boys who's going to school in Kampala for a while. We're going to take him, as we're going to Kampala tomorrow. After we drop him off, we're going to go to the ARA (American Recreation Association) and stay the night there. Then the next day we're going do shopping and start to head back here around 2:30 or 3:00.
Thank you all for your prayers while were here! We have gotten a lot of rain lately, but we might need more. So please pray for more rain, maybe even for our cistern to over flow!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011


I've been discovering a lot of things lately. Somewhat physically and spiritually.
There's one thing in particular that I'm learning about, and that's Love. My discovering started when Kizza (Chee-za) Joel, one of our Heart of Worship band leaders asked me if I was good at writing songs. I didn't know but I'd try. So I asked him what the subject he would like it to be about, and if it should be horizontal praise or vertical worship. I am now trying to write a song about Love, in horizontal praise. (I've decided to have him help write and I will help compose the music.)
Anyway, in that time, I've been doing a lot of research and listening on the theme Love. I've discovered that (in my opinion, the Greeks thought so too) there are three types of Love. God's Love to us, as his sons and daughters, especially towards his son Jesus. The Godly Love towards our brothers and sisters in Christ, also the Love between parents and children, basically family love. Last of all the Love between husband and wife. There are a lot of references for Love, 1 Corinthians 13 for instance. It's exciting because it tells about what Love should be, Godly love between God and his children and between our families in Christ and our biological families.
The three basic examples for these are 1; Christ, 2; the church and 3; us! God's love toward his children, us is the greatest Love of all. But Christ is the greatest example of this Love, and because "God so loved the world, that he sent his one and only son, [so] that who ever believes in him, will not perish but have eternal life." John 3:16 God loves his children!
The second is the church. We have love towards our brothers and sisters in Christ, and they can usually be found in the church. We are tied together as family through God, fellowshipping in the church while worshiping Him.
And last of all examples, we have us! The sacred Love between husband and wife results in new life! Because "two shall become one" (not remembered reference...) :) We have had a lot of new life here in New Hope, three babies born in the span of three weeks! We have Hannah Mulungi (it means beautiful in Luganda), Genesis Karren (I've been told that's her middle name) and Rachel Alexa. Rachel isn't even 24 hours old yet! She was born last night at 8:40 to the Bouffard family. Praise God! Love is wonderful, isn't it?
I want to thank God for a number of things. For bringing three new babies safely into the world and for bringing me through hardships (not many, so that's another thing to thank God for!). I also want to thank him for protecting Micah and I as we climb a 50 ft. tall mango tree (it is soooooooooo fun!) and thank you Lord for kittens that are growing really fast.
Pray for us as we travel to Kampala tomorrow to the ARA (American Recreation Association) and to shop and pick up our new calico kitten, thank you for all the prayers for rain, we have received much, enough to mostly fill our cistern and help with the growing of our sweet corn and strawberries!
P.S. The two pictures are of our new cat Domino and me wearing a cauliflower stem while baking coconut cream pie with my friends Katelyn (front) and Acacia. That cauliflower was HUGE!!!

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Enemy is active, Christ is Victor

From the week of April 2:
For many at New Hope there was much grieving this week. On Monday one of the girls who was well known and well liked suddenly died from a brain aneurism. Missing her not only took the forefront of hearts of some, but also memories of others who have died unexpectedly including our head of Childcare who has lost his wife and a son over the years.

Not only are many suffering grief but it has all been compounded by the belief that she died because of witchcraft. Many were fearful that if they did something wrong (i.e. walked in the wrong way) they too would die. Joy conquers, though, when reports of her salvation spread and are verified multiple times.

Confusion and fear of death brought many questions so that the leadership felt we should have an assembly of all students and staff. On Tuesday, we had the assembly and they asked me to share some about grief and how one can best process grief. The assembly seemed very heavy to me and understandably somber.

Immediately following the assembly, before people began to disperse, one of the family fathers rushed up to me in the front and asked me quietly to go with him quickly. After we left the hearing of those gathered he shared that they had a daughter of the family group who was in a demonic battle and manifesting physical symptoms. Those gathered, he said, didn't know what to do. The Bible is very clear God is way more powerful so we entered into the battle. Soon after we began, Pastor Paul Kusaabira showed up and began praying for her also, in Luganda. After three hours and a few times of Pastor Paul almost getting slapped, she was responsive and willing and able to renounce what had taken place in her past. She was dedicated to the enemy as a young girl and struggled after believing in Jesus as her Savior.

The next day in our staff meeting one of the staff exploded with an angry outburst and bolted out of the room. Many were discouraged but we proclaimed the truth that Christ is the Victor. He has already won and we have nothing to fear nor do we have to be bound to despair. We are not left without hope.

It was interesting that on Thursday I went to Kampala to get my car worked on and asked the mechanic to have my car ready by 4 so I get my shopping done and get back to New Hope before dark. The roads after dark are the most dangerous thing here in Uganda (actually it is the other vehicles coming toward you with their brights on, people walking and riding bikes and motorcycles with no lights on that are the problem, not the roads). I arrived to pick up the car and he was not only not finished but had the car taken apart. 5:45 I finally got out of there and had two close calls with vehicles, one with a motorcycle and didn't see a boy walking by the side of the road until I saw the whites of his eyes right next to my headlight. I learned my lesson. Get a room if it is that late.

As I was driving and full of anxiety, I believe the Spirit prompted me to speak out the words of the verses I was memorizing. Instantly all anxiety, even in the midst of the danger, dissipated. Praise God, he walks with me in the valley (road) of the shadow of death. AND HE CONQUERS.