Wednesday, December 28, 2011

A Year in Review 2011

Though this is a year in review, next year's theme at New Hope is "Deeper Relationships." We started thinking about it early. So much of what we have been doing has been focused on relationships. Our desire has been to see what God is doing and I think we have definitely been able to get involved in some of what He is doing.

We began the year moving into our new house so graciously provided by many of you and even as we were moving in we were building relationships with: those who helped us get the house ready in the last few days; those who helped us move in; those who helped us kill the 4 ft. boomslang snake on our veranda (in the picture); those neighbors we borrowed from over and over again because we didn't have tools or kitchen items; those who have visited us, either to just visit, to ask for a job, to sell something, to borrow something, etc...

Birthdays have begun to be common place in Ebenezer Family. We are regularly celebrating birthdays even though some of the children don't know the day they were born. Sometimes the mothers (all of the children are fatherless, though one recently found out his father is still alive) don't even remember what year their child was born so they pick a day, we write it down and regularly celebrate it on that day. This has built a tie with the children that hopefully is growing.

Two brothers have grown very close to our family, John & Mwine (pronounced Mwee-nay). God is definitely working in all the lives of Ebenezer Family as well as our lives where we are both learning to open our hearts more and learning how to love with Christ's love, not our own. We have talked about how to love, what it means to still love someone even when the other person has failed us. Recently the older girls asked to meet with us so they could ask us questions. We loved being able to share our hearts with them about love and marriage and also love in marriage a foreign concept to some.

One comment which was very difficult and painful: "I don't think you can still love me if you know what I've done." The other very painful but real concern is "When will you leave and not come back." We don't have that answer. Only God does. Even as we miss them in this holiday time between school years, we remember back to the conversations we had with them and the time we had to pray with them through rejection, abuse, sin, etc. and to be able to look each one of them in the eyes and give them a blessing from God. Many were in tears as we spoke with them and prayed for them.

Our Ebenezer Family trip (32 of us in all) to Jinja where Godfrey and Florence Musambo, the family parents have a home, was definitely a highlight. Coming back only the day before the children went back to extended family for the Christmas break, we felt a definite connection with them before they left for home.

We were overjoyed to introduce a very dear Ebenezer family to a very dear Clay Center, Kansas team and it seemed a bond grew very quickly. Please pray for the possibility of another team coming back even with some or all of this year's team. They each prayed for and blessed the other and we enjoyed seeing a love grow quickly between the two "families". We spent almost a week with the Clay Center team and were grateful they welcomed us on the safari even when we came back to the bus and there was a bull elephant and family hanging around right in front of the bus. We thought for sure the bull would use the bus for a step stool to get a higher branch. He never did. He was taller than the bus by at least a foot and almost as long.

We shared a wonderful time with both families.

The end of the year has included time to visit some of the Ebenezer children in their homes of origin. Our hearts have been filled with a burden to pray for their hearts-for our Father to reveal Himself to them and to give them safety and hearts that would be open to receive and give love. He is good.

Continue to pray. Only by God's grace, Tim

Monday, October 24, 2011

Birthday Again!

Mwine (pronounced Mwee Nay) Nathan's Birthday is today, so we celebrated on the weekend so we or him didn't miss school. He is funny and has a great laugh. He is the one we met the Saturday before the first Tournament. He is fun to be around, and I like copying some of his funniest phrases.
Thursday my Dad went to a Elders Retreat that lasted that day, that night, the next day, and the next night. Then on Saturday a driver drove us in our car into Kampala to meet my Dad and Mwine at the ARA (American Recreation Association). Mwine met us first at about 11:00 and my Dad met us at about 1:00. First before my Dad came we (Kara, Mwine, and me) went and played basketball at a court that the ARA had. Then we went back to the ARA poolside and a few minutes later my Dad came and we swam for a little bit after lunch. Then when we were done swimming we played Basketball until it was time to play Tennis. Mwine did well for his first time.
Then we went to the MAF (Mission Aviation Fellowship) to eat dinner, play games, have an adventure with the candles and cake, eat the cake, and go to bed. The next day we left after breakfast and dropped Mwine off somewhere so he could take a boda-boda and a Taxi back to school in Mukono. Then we started home and got back at about 2:00. In the car, Kara and I played a really weird, but fun, game. We said what we saw anywhere, but it had to be less than three words. Like ' Two people on a bike' would be too many words.
We are almost done with school for this year, Yeah! We are on the 34th of 36 weeks, which is good! We are having lots of fun with Basketball.
Thank you all for your prayers, but please pray for me, as I have the Fever and a Cold at the same time. It doesn't feel very good. Thank you all for your support and prayers, we all appreciate it. We are all excited about the Clay Center, Kansas Team that is coming in less than a month! Thank you all!


Monday, October 17, 2011

In Entebbe.

Sunday a week ago was Independence Day for Uganda. It wasn't as eventful as America's Independence Day, otherwise known as Fourth of July, they just did church and talked about Jubilee and other stuff. Yes, that was Uganda's 49th Independence day, and Uganda is going into it's 50th year. Please pray for Uganda.
Then on Tuesday we started out for Entebbe for my Dad's birthday. We swam Lake Vic Hotel for the afternoon and went for dinner at a pizza place. The next day, Wednesday, we had breakfast at the Motel that we were staying at and then went to Lake Vic Hotel and swam all day. We met a person that we know from here in New Hope and swam with her too.
The next day, Thursday, we had breakfast and left for Kampala. When we got there we went to the Brown's house (my friend Joel Brown? Those Browns. See previous blogs) and stayed there for a while. Then we left and went shopping and had lunch and then went home.
Saturday we had an Ebenezer boy over and he and I with, my Mom overlooking, made apple pie for Ebenezer because they were coming for a movie night. So we started making it at 2:30 and finished at about 6:00. We had to make four pies so it took a while. Then they came over at seven and we started watching. We're doing the Lord of the Rings series and we finished Two Towers that night. Everyone liked the pie.
On Sunday we had Ebenezer over to do a Football (soccer) match on 'Ebenezer Stadium'. No one got hurt except one who hurt his foot (Haha "foot"ball). So it was fun.
Thank you all for your prayers. None of us are hurt or sick anymore. My Dad got better and our sores are healing. My sunburns that I got in Entebbe are peeling, so soon they will be gone. Thank you all for everything!


Monday, October 10, 2011

Upcoming Birthday #2.

We had a second Basketball Tournament on Saturday in Mukono (just outside of Kampala), except this one wasn't Official-Official like Worldwide or National Tournaments are. We just went to a school and played a friendly match with that school for fun. We left New Hope at about 8:00 in the morning and got back at about 8:30 at night. My Mom was at a Woman's Retreat Friday afternoon through Sunday afternoon that got back at about 6:50, so she missed that Tournament too.
I had a sleepover with Toby Britton on Friday night, then my Dad picked Toby and I up and a few other people at about 7:30 and we were off. The Bus that had all the players in it and the Andersons (a family here that we know) were behind us. We got to Mukono at about 11:00 and left there at about 5:30. We had a lot of fun.
Tomorrow we are leaving for Entebbe for my my Dad's birthday. We'll stay all day there on his real birthday, October 12, and come back to New Hope on Thursday the 13th. We're going to stay in a hotel not far from Lake Victoria Hotel (previous blogs) and swim in Lake Vic Hotel (that's what we call Lake Victoria Hotel).
Thank you all for your Prayers and support! We are all doing well here and are getting ready for the Kansas team that is coming in less than six weeks! We need many plans to get ready for them so we do it ahead. Thank you all also who are helping with the tubs! We are very grateful for providing stuff that we could not 'live' without. Kidding! We can live without. Thank you all for everything!


Friday, October 7, 2011

More Basketball... Obviously I'm obsessed.

(Written October 7th 2011)

Ok, maybe I'm not obsessed. Maybe some other people are but I'm just goin' with the flow. Let's start with the last tournament...
Everyone's probably wondering how I got into the tournament last time, to make a somehow long story short (actually a short story even shorter), Dad just got the permission from all the coaches that were there, and I could play. This was all by the urging of U. Sam and A. Eunice, two of our teachers (somehow...). The tournament went well, though I was so surprised and unready I'm afraid I didn't do too well...
Back to this past worship night. I ended up not doing the rap, I actually lead two songs and accompanied the leader with the other English ones! Thank God for His strength... I gave it my all and got a lot of compliments, so I know I did my best for Him!
This past week has been primarily like this (excluding meals); wake up, school, basketball, home. Monday-Friday. We had the Bouffards over for dinner on Wednesday, we had one of our girls over for her birthday dinner on Thursday, and mom went on a women's retreat Friday through Sunday, she arrived last night (Sunday night). On Saturday, we went to Mukono for a friendly match with a school there. It was a lot of fun, I played on the girls team again and I gotta say, I'm a lot more confident on asphalt or cement then I was on maram (dirt). The first game the girls played we lost by four points, two baskets. It was a close game all the way. The first game the school did all their younger players I think, that's why it was so close, then they did their older players in the second game. We scored like, 24? or something like that and they had 47 I think. Kinda embarrassing but it was because none of our girls knew how to defend a fast break, where there is one or two girls down on offense and when that team gets the ball they throw it down and do a 'fast break' and there's no one to stop them. I skinned my ankle but that's about it, nothing to it. And I got sunburned really bad because of Jensen... Jensen if you ever read this it's your fault I'm so red! You told me you guys didn't bring any sunblock so I gave it up but later your sister handed me some of yours! ALL YOUR FAULT! It's all his fault. Maybe it's my fault too because I didn't put our sunblock outside like I was supposed to, but we won't go into that.
I'm sitting here writing this and it's dark outside, and I mean DARK. Like the dark you get when there's a really big storm almost on top of you, that kind of dark. Probably because there's a storm almost on top of us. Thundering and blowing up a gale and such and such... We'll probably get a bit wet on this one, but we'll see. I'm hoping it doesn't empty buckets or pour waterfalls, or even rain cats and dogs because I would like to play on a mostly un-wet basketball court at 4:10, in forty-five minutes or so.
Yesterday was independence day, sorry, Ugandan independence day. We had an awesome service, worship time (I was the backup leader with this other girl, leading for him with most of the New Hope Academy Secondary Students behind us. We had a ball dancing to the Luganda songs), testimony (the guy spoke in French and Uncle Roger, a French name by-the-way, translated into Luganda), service type-thing by Uncle Jones, and fellowship as everyone piddled out. I say piddled out because most of the people stick around and talk afterwords, some people leave. Then they all kinda piddle out. Weird description I know, but you know....
So we'll see if we get rain. Thanks for all the prayers I'm sure have been praying... Continue praying for me, and our car because it's not starting, my dad's in the driver's seat trying to start it but it's not going. We are tempted to go and sell the junky thing... We've had to replace almost everything engine-wise... I think... That's what I understand at least..... And pray for our trip this week because it's Mr. Two Days Until Half-way To Ninety's birthday on Wednesday (he doesn't like it when I say that, I love teasing people! That name makes him seem old...) And for our family, and extended-in-Uganda family (our family group) and um.......................................
That's it. Phew, my fingers are getting tired.

Kara P.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Coming up birthday.

So the tournament was fun. We've had good weeks, missing our friends and families, missing having fun in America, missing having adventures (even though we have some here). Yeah, all that good stuff.
But of course we have to have fun here too. Driving in Crazy Kampala, playing with friends, swimming in pools, going to Musana Camps, watching tournaments. Yeah, all that more good stuff.
We've gone to church on Sundays. Had school on weekdays. Gone to our family group Ebenezer on Tuesdays. Had our family night (just the four of us) on Friday nights. Wait. I've told you all that "day" stuff before haven't I? Anyway: yeah, all that OTHER good stuff.
Saturday night we had our Ebenezer Family over for a Movie night. Then the next day, Sunday, my Dad preached the sermon. He had a drama skit with two of our Ebenezer boys, himself, and Kara in it. They all did good. My Mom said that my Dad couldn't have picked better people for the parts.
Yesterday also the Boufards came. As soon as I'm done with this Kara and I will go over and play with them. Then at four we will go play Basketball. This Saturday we will go to another tournament (basketball).
My Dad's birthday is in a week and two days and we are going to go to Entebbe for it. Quick amazing fact: Entebbe means Chair in Luganda. Amazing but true.
Thank you for your prayers. We are doing well except for my Dad who is feeling a bit sick. He is out of energy and is dizzy and needs prayer. Thank you all for your support and prayer.


Monday, September 26, 2011

The Tournament

(Written on Monday 26th September 2011)

The Basketball tournament for the S1s And S2s was yesterday. On Friday we had our last practice before and they took it easy. On Saturday we (the Petersons) went to Kampala because my dad had to get new glasses. We got there at about 9:00 and waited at a restaurant for an Ebenezer boy who was doing school in a town not far from Kampala. We had scheduled to meet at 9:00. It was raining hard at the time. We waited and then finally he called at about 9:45 and said that it was raining too hard to come and he said that he hadn't even left yet.
So we went and did some shopping at a nearby store in the same building as the restaurant. The eye place was also in the same building and so my dad got the glasses. Then we went back to wait. At about 10:30 he finally came. We then sat down to eat. While we were waiting for the food to come, me sister pulled out her Ipod and we showed the boy some games. He has a really fun laugh and when he was trying the games, he laughed a lot. It was funny and fun. We left at about 1:15 and got home at 3:00.
The next day we met the S1s and S2s at the basketball court at about 7:00. My dad told them what we were going to be doing, then we left at 7:45. We were all excited and they were ready to play until we saw the court. I mean they were still ready to play and were excited, but the court...
The court was basically rocks and dirt, what you find on bad roads, with ash for the lines, and no nets on the baskets, just the rims. They started playing at about 11:00. The boys lost their first game, won their second, and lost their third. The girls won their first, lost their second, and lost their third, even though Kara was playing. It was complicated and I'm sure someone else will tell you how she got to play. And no, I didn't play. We got back at about 9:00.
Thank you for all your prayers. Please pray for my Mom, as she is somewhat sick. Keep praying for future things also!

Friday, September 23, 2011

Basketball Tournament

Sunday's the day! Seventh and eighth grade (S1-S2), teams go to the tournaments on Sunday in Matugga. Many of the kids can't wait! I guess I should explain a bit...
There are two teams, boys and girls. They mix the seventh and eighth grades in the teams. There are ten girls (not counting myself, I'll tell you why in a sec) and eleven boys. Many of the girls are shorter than me and I was counting myself short... Yeesh! And even some of the boys are shorter than me (almost 5'6" if anyone was wondering) but they are all doing pretty well. Everyone doesn't know all they should about the game, but four months ago there was no girl's team! And I think the girls have a good chance of doing at least somewhat well... We'll see. I'm sure they'd appreciate prayers.
Why am I not included? It's pretty simple actually. Short story- I'm not in the school so I can't play in the tournament. Long story- In the tournament, you have to have a student I.D. and in order to get a student I.D. you have to BE a student. So I'm not taking any classes in the school until next year. And therefore I can't be part of the team this year, and therefore I can't be in the tournament.
The boy's team has two Stallions with them, and another Stallion-in-training. The Stallions are the team that went to the Nationals at the beginning of this year, and they are GOOD. So the boy's team has a chance, especially since they've been playing longer than the girls. But we'll see. You never know. If they win this tournament, which I'm sure they have a good chance of doing...
You people who are reading this... Are probably wondering why I'm talking so much about basketball. Some people would say I'm addicted. Probably. Can't say for sure.
The only other thing that's happening soon is Worship Night, which is tomorrow. We are going to Kampala, and need to be back by 5:30. Preferably 4:00. Could you please pray for traffic to be good (is that a prober sentence?) and us to be able to be back by 3:30 by earliest, no setbacks, no nothing... And pray for me to have courage and to remember the words to the rap I'm doing tomorrow... "Everybody d-d-d-d-dance jus' like David did, move your feet to b-b-b-b-beat to p-p-p-p-praise the King, we dance undignified, unashamed to lift him high, gonna sing His praise to His will while we wait for the day when He'll split the skies... So dance a little, move a little, even if my bones get brittle, take it out, to the streets to shout it out like crazy people- Jesus freaks! We don't care, we're unashamed to live His name- Jesus freaks! We don't care, to live is Christ to die is gain!" Yeah. That's it. So pray. Please. And pray that when we play football (soccer) tomorrow we'll not get injured... And definitely pray for the tournament!!!!

By the way, the two pics are of our weird cats playing with each other, I thought them funny enough to put on the Blog!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011


The past few months my Dad has been teaching the S1 and S2 school boys and girls. They are going to a tournament this Sunday and the school sports leader has asked him to teach them and get them fit. We are also going with them to the tournament with another Basketball teacher this Sunday.
The past few weeks have been, as usual, the usual normal. We have done school on the Weekdays, gone to our family group on Tuesdays, had our family night on Friday (most of the time), gone to the family group's garden to help them on Saturday, gone to Church on Sundays, and played Basketball almost everyday of the week.
This Saturday our whole family (just us Petersons) will go into Kampala for a reason that I don't know. All I know is that it isn't something important. Then we will go in to Mutogo, which isn't as far as Kampala, the very next day, Sunday, to the tournament. We will come back after it's over.
We are having fun playing basketball and looking forward for the Kansas Team coming. Thank you for your prayers and please keep praying for us and for the Tournament players. Thank you all!


Monday, September 12, 2011

'Basketball' week.

This week we have played Basketball a lot. It started on Friday morning when my Dad had to train some girls. Kara and I went with him. Then the next day, Saturday, my parents had to go to Kampala for a wedding, which turned out to be a crazy day. I'm sure they'll tell you about it in a later Blog. Anyway, we heard people playing on the basketball court at about 8:30, so we went over. It was the secondary boys who are on New Hope's team. They said they had been over there since 6:00 in the morning. So we played most of the morning. We had Jonica Biedler, one of Kara's friends, come over at 6:00. She helped us make dinner and then our parents got home, so we ate, watched a movie and Kara and Jonica had a sleepover.
Then the next day, Sunday, my Dad and I played basketball a bit. Then today (Monday) my Dad once again had to train the girls. Kara and I again went with him, played until three and then I came back to begin this. As soon as I'm done I'll go back over there.
Yesterday, also, we had the Ebenezer family over and we played football on 'Ebenezer Stadium' as they called it, which is a field that the boys slashed. We played until 6:00 and then they went home. On Friday, when the Biedlers came, we got our tub. Thank you Mormor and Poppie! We got five basketballs, clothes, gum candy, pans, some other things that I'm forgetting, and some other things I don't know about.
Thank you for all your prayers! We are doing very well, not many injuries. Please keep praying for anything that could happen!


Monday, September 5, 2011

Back from Kenya.

We got back from a fun trip in Kenya a week from yesterday (last post). Kara and I then did mini school for four days. We also enjoyed playing basketball during the week. On Saturday my dad had to go to Kampala to teach the IYs at the Brown's house, who (the Browns) have been and are living in Kampala. So I went with him to play with Joel Brown. We went to a pool and swam until lunchtime and then went back, ate lunch, and then played until 3:00.
At 3:00 my dad and I started back to New Hope, and still didn't get back till 6:00. Then at 6:30 we started supper because our family group was supposed to come at 7:30. But then, when we were almost done with supper, at 7:00, they showed up early. So we just said fine, set up the movie, and started it and ate our supper elsewhere. Then the next day, after the church service, there was a basketball game with the secondary students against the staff. One of the taller players for the secondary students dunked twice and was very proud of himself.
Today, and this week, we have school. Right now I am done with school, and as soon as I finish typing this, Kara and I are going to play Basketball. Thank you all for your prayers, everything is going almost perfect. My mom got bit and scratched by the Anderson's (a family that we know) cat. It might have gotten infected but she went to the clinic and it should be okay soon. Keep praying for that and for anything else that might show up!


Monday, August 29, 2011

Here in Kenya.

(Written on the 26th of August, published on the 30th of August)

Yes, we are in Kenya, Because my Dad is teaching in an institute here. We started on Saturday morning and drove to Kampala. We stayed the night there and the next day, Sunday, we started off to Kenya. We got to the border and had to go through a process that took almost two hours long. Then we kept going until we got to Kisumu, the place where the institute was and where the place where we were going to sleep at was. So we slept the night there.

Then the next morning we went to the institute and found out that the institute was also a place for some homeless kids, but we still had fun. In the morning Kara and I would do school and when I would get done with school I would go out to play. Then after lunch our whole family would go back to the hotel. We did this the whole week.

On Wednesday we went to a zoo type place with animals. There were leopards, monkeys, birds, lions, african buffalo, impala, kudu, dikdiks, turtles, zebras, and hyenas. But the best part of the whole trip was something you’ll never believe. Back in the states we got to pet and hold tiger cubs. But this is way better. We actually got to pet the fastest land mammal on earth… A CHEETAH! Yes, yes, we are not scratched up or torn apart. The cheetah we got to pet was raised as a cub in human care, so she was tame. She actually (as the only big cat that can purr is the cheetah) purred when we pet her! And it only cost about $3! So we had fun that day.

But then that night, on the same day, Wednesday, there was a minor disaster. So after coming home from a restaurant we decided to play a game, since it wasn’t to late. Before we started, Kara and I looked out the window. We saw little things on the window starting to gather but we ignored them. We started playing when suddenly my dad said “Look! A mosquito!”. (Mosquitos carry malaria). He smashed it, then we saw on the wall about ten of them. Then I turned around and saw, like, 200 on another wall! We called the desk and asked someone to come spray the room with doom. We saw that they were getting in through a gap beneath the window. Before the sprayer came we looked closer and saw that they were lakeflies, not mosquitos. So that was a relief and an adventure.

Today we are going back to Uganda, because it is Friday. Thank you all for your prayers. Thank God for the safe trip for us. Thank you all for your support and prayers.



Impalas and Lions and Cheetahs O my!

Written on August 25, 2011

So if anyone didn’t know, I’m writing this from Kenya. I am sitting in Kenya, across from four Kenyan boys who are doing their schoolwork and listening to the girls and small kids playing outside. Micah is here too, doing his schoolwork, quietly and trying to get his work done quickly so he can go back outside and play. Dad is teaching the staff institute and mom is helping him. I’ve made a few friends here at R.O.C.K Ministries (Rescuing Our Children in Kisumu). There’s Agnes, Eunice, Janet, Winnie (girls), Duncan, Bosco, Patrick, Remjus (boys, don’t know them too well, but still friends, you know?), and a lot more. I’m learning sign language too, one of the girls here is deaf. A, B, C, D, E, F...

Anyway, I’m really enjoying myself, just yesterday… (You WON’T believe this.) Just yesterday the Peterson family got to pet... A CHEETAH!!!! Told you you wouldn’t believe me. No, I’m serious. It wasn’t stuffed, it wasn’t just a fur carpet or anything, it wasn’t some trickster machinery, it was the REAL THING. A purring, live, breathing, spotted, skinny cheetah. I say skinny because cheetahs tend not to gain a lot of weight if they’re running all the time. It was awesome! You’re probably wondering how it came about. Was the cheetah wild? No. The guy who took us to the enclosure said she had been raised as a cub. The male was so much bigger and more aggressive, but he had just had his meal and in fact was still finishing it so we had nothing to worry about. Thankfully, we only had to pay about $3. I don’t care. I won’t be petting another cheetah anytime soon so it was definitely worth it.

We were in the Kisumu Impala Sanctuary, they have African Buffalo, African Lions, monkeys, Dik-diks (little deer-type things), a Hyena, two ostriches, a leopard and free roaming Zebras and Impalas. By free roaming I mean they can roam where ever they want all around the sanctuary. Torture for the lions, cheetahs and leopards :P. So we enjoyed our relaxing day yesterday. After the Kisumu Impala Sanctuary (haha, KIS, kiss) dad took a nap and Micah and I went swimming in the hotel’s murky swimming pool. We’ve swum every day for the past four days, it’s been fun. Micah’s learning how to dive, and for his first time doing it he did REALLY well.

The view from our hotel is amazing. The first thing you see when you walk into the room is the lake. There’s a huge window allowing the view just soak into your room (how exactly does that work I don’t know). We’re on the fifth floor which is actually about the sixth or seventh level. The room isn’t the securest. Ok maybe I shouldn’t say the room, the window isn’t the securest. We had a lake fly adventure the night before last. (I’m writing this on the 25 of August just in case this doesn’t get published for a while, the internet at the hotel wasn’t working when we left.) I’ll let Micah tell the story if he wants to. All I’m going to say is we had hundreds of lake flies in our room. Yeah.

We’ve been to three restaurants so far, two out of the three were really good. Green Gardens was one, they had really good food and really good Ice-Cream… ***** (five star, to me at least) The next was an Arabic/Indian restaurant, I don’t remember what it was called cause it wasn’t so good… ** The last was kind of like a hotel. It was right on the lake, it even had a dock-type-thing that was floating ON the lake. The food was good and so was the ice-cream. I had a banana boat (banana split). **** We were going down to a beach and frying fish with U. Dan just for the experience, but the day got too late and U. Dan canceled the snack (phew). Micah and dad are playing football (soccer) with all the boys here after lunch. We leave tomorrow to Mbale, stay over night, then maybe head back to New Hope on Saturday. Kenya is beautiful. I’ll tell you about our two boarder adventures next time.

~Kara L. Peterson

Monday, August 1, 2011

Birthday! (#2)

A week ago, on Saturday, we had our Ebenezer family over for my birthday and to watch Voyage of the Dawn Treader. We, Petersons, had seen it before, but our family group hadn't. We also had Toby Britton and Joel Brown over for a sleep over. After the movie we had cake and Ice Cream, the first time most of the Ebenezer family had had Ice Cream. Most of them ( I hope) liked it. After they left we went to bed. The next day we (the Petersons, Toby and Joel) left somewhat early and left for Entebbe, after breakfast of course.
We went through Kampala and continued on to Entebbe. When we got there we went to Lake Victoria Hotel and swam for the day. For supper we went to a restaurant in Kampala, and at Kampala Joel's parents were there and after a 4:30 dinner they took him. A while after they left, we started home.
On Monday I got some presents from my parents, including a bow, and arrows(an oscary(guard) sold it to my parents), and I am having fun with them. Wednesday we went to the Enterprise farm's maize harvest. We started at about 8:30 and ended at about 11:30. Then, in addition, we maize harvested at our Family group's garden on Saturday morning. Maize harvesting is not very fun if you want to know. Their is a technique that is described on Kara's latest blog.
Thank you all for all your prayers and support. We are all having fun, especially in basketball, as my mom, Kim, just played with us this morning. Mormor- this is what I actually said the first time- there is nothing happening at the moment, but there might be soon! Micah

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Maize Harvesting

My hands are sore. In the past week, we've maize harvested twice. It isn't so easy to maize harvest by hand, it takes a long time to do. We started on Wednesday, maize harvesting down at Enterprise farm. There was four HUGE fields and we got the third one. Not for ourselves of course, the Institute came and helped along with most of the secondary students and the team that had arrived the day before. This is how you harvest;
1: Attack the maize stock
2: Locate the maize pod (is that what you call it? I don't know.)
3: Rip open the pod thingymajigger and twist the maize cob to get the shucks off
4: Toss the cob to the nearest bag (try to make it in)
5: Kick or whack down the stock to signal others you have defeated it
6: Target the next stock
After doing this aggressive work for a while, your hands start to hurt, all of this is by hand. We started at 8:45 and ended at eleven something, thankfully, and went back home. I was so groggy for the rest of the day I was so tired. Then, in addition, we did more harvesting just this morning for three hours. My thumbs are now rubbed raw and my hand where I was twisting the shucks are raw. Ah, the wonders of work! :P
I think this is Spider Season... We've had some few adventures with spiders. It started with a spider falling out of my towel. Yeah, it fell on to my shoulder then onto my foot and then into the tub. Thankfully, I didn't scream, but I wasn't brave enough to kill it with my bare hands. I had to get my mom to come and smash it. It's body was about a centimeter in diameter (what's all this about meters?) Yeesh, spiders. Then we had one in our hall, the body being about a half an inch in diameter. I shall say it again, Yeesh. Spiders.
Last bit of news. Worship night went on Saturday night, and there was no one to play the piano. So guess who played?


Oh yeah, it was fun.
Thanks for all the prayers! Mormor- this is for you- Keep on praying. Nothing's happened yet, but something's bound to turn up soon!


P.S. The pics are of me playing the piano on one of the past Sundays (a while ago) and Micah on his birthday with our grown-up kitty Meggie!

Monday, July 18, 2011


The days, as usual, have been usual. Even going to Kampala almost twice a month is getting commonly usual. We have, actually, already gone twice this month, and we're still going twice again!
Nothing exciting has happened except that the Browns (a family that we know) have come back to Uganda from the UK. We have had much fun. We've done school on the week days and gone to our family group on Tuesdays. Tomorrow my Dad will go to Kampala to meet with someone from Musana Camp (previous blogs).
One of the boys in Ebenezer ran away on Tuesday. He used to live on the streets in Kampala, and came to Ebenezer before we had connected with the family. He ran away once before we came to Uganda, then came back right after we got connected with Ebenezer. Now he's run away again and needs prayer. Please pray as we don't know where he is.
This weekend I am going to have two birthday parties in a row. This Saturday we are having our family group over for my birthday and watch a movie. We will also have Toby Britton and Joel Brown over for a sleep over and then the next morning, Sunday, we, my family, Joel, and Toby, will go to Kampala. We'll go to a place with a pool and swim and then come back to Kasana in the evening. Beside these things, nothing is really happening much.
Thank you all for your prayers, and keep praying. Especially for the boy in Ebenezer. Thank you all for your support, we are doing very good!


Monday, July 11, 2011

Yet Another Lesson

You have heard about many trips to Kampala but what goes on in one's head is another story.

I have regularly been asking God to help me be attentive to His Spirit working in me and to be attentive to His promptings throughout a day.

A few weeks ago we were in Kampala, in purpose for only a few hours. As I came to the car while there, I saw our trip would take longer. I had a flat tire. Geoff, another American here at New Hope, and I quickly changed it and headed off to the tire shop. Verdict: No damage to tire. Small hole in the hub/rim. Three hours later we left the tire shop.

However, while we were there I was asking God what the purpose was for our time there. Instead of an answer, I just kept noticing things that seemed to really stand out.

The first was a gal who shuffled her way through the shop, periodically sweeping up a small piece of garbage. I looked at her face as she shuffled by and she looked emotionally numb; lost but not even looking for a path. My heart broke for her.

The second was the guy who was helping me. He wasn't the original guy but suddenly came on the scene and seemed to take over. It appeared he knew what he was doing and took it seriously. Unfortunately, as soon as another Western person drove into the shop, he immediately jumped up and began to help her until he had gotten her far enough along that she was very grateful for his help. Eventually, after getting a tip with all of his colleagues looking on with a bit of frustration on their faces, he came back to work on my rim. I was incredulous.

The third I noticed was the manager who clearly worked hard to make everyone who was a customer happy while he seemed to be rather sharp in his interaction with his employees. I felt compassion for the workers who seemed to be beaten down by the intermittent and commanding and almost capricious communication from him.

The fourth were the two Muslim gals behind the counter who were often turning around to look at their reflection in the window into the shop, constantly adjusting their head covering just as they might their hair. My heart explored how I question my own value based on appearances. I was sad for them.

As we drove away, I asked in my heart, "What was that delay for? What should I learn from that? How do I communicate with You, Lord, during times like that?"

It seemed He answered by showing me each of those people in the tire shop He had revealed to me. By lifting them up in prayer, when He showed me or even as a drove away, I would be listening to His Spirit. Praise God that He redeems and answers prayer.

I long to be there constantly. I love exploring this type of stuff with my good brother in Christ, Geoff shown in the picture.
Only by God's grace, Tim

Another trip to Kampala.

Another trip to Kampala. Another fun and nice time. The same set up, just the opposite and a different hotel. Wednesday the Britton parents left for Kampala to stay two nights there and their kids stayed at our house for Wednesday and Thursday. We had fun then, yes, but then we got to have more fun in Kampala.
My family (including me) and the Britton kids left somewhat early on Friday morning. When we got to Kampala we went to the lodge (this hotel was called a lodge) that we were staying at. The Britton parents met us there. Almost right away we got in the pool. After about 15 minutes we had lunch, and then got back in. When we got out we took showers and then went exploring. We found fruit that looked and tasted like Blackberries, but might not of been. Then we had Dinner and then watched Cars 2 (way better than the first one (has car spies in it)), which the Brittons had just gotten.
The next morning we had breakfast and then went shopping. Our families ( us (Petersons) and the Brittons) separated then because we had different places to go. Then we went to a tire place and sat almost 3 hours while they tried to get the tire on. Then we went to another place and got some stuff, then went to another place and got some stuff, and then had lunch there. After lunch we headed home, and luckily, we got back before 7:00.
Thank you everyone for your prayers, but keep praying just in case. There is nothing happening at the moment, but there might be soon. We are also all looking forward to the Kansas team coming down. We are all well and are pretty content!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Fun with Basketball.

The past few days have been regular, as usual. The only thing that happened (good and bad, I'll tell you why in a second) was that we went to Kampala. We left at about 7:30 with our cats and got to Kampala at around 9.
When got there we went straight to the vet to get our cats shots. We had to wait a while, but we finally got them shots and it went smoothly. Then we picked up one of our family group girls, Zam, and took her out to lunch. We got to the restaurant and parked in the outside, right by the road parking lot with a guard sitting not 30 feet from us. We went inside the restaurant and had a good lunch.
After lunch my dad went out to check on the cats and found that someone had broken into our car and stolen two bags. One was ours while the other was Zam's. After that, we dropped Zam off at home and then my dad dropped us off at a store and went on a boda-boda to drop something off somewhere. While he was going, another boda went past them with bags on the back and accidentally hit the boda's mirror. The handle bars turned and my dad and the boda driver that was driving him skidded across the street. Luckily they fell towards the curb and my dad didn't get hurt except for a skinned knee and elbow. We all finally got back safely home after a while.
The days have been fun. My dad and I play basketball almost every day now. We have fun, and I've been getting better at it. Thank you all for all your prayers, but please keep praying. We are having fun and I hope some of you will be able to come!

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Rough Day and a lesson

It began as a great day. The sun coming up. Enjoying some coffee and my family on the road to Kampala to take our cats in for vaccinations and meet one of the daughters in our family group for lunch. Traffic flowed well.

When we looked for the place where we would meet we got onto a road rarely traveled by larger cars but everything was fine. Kim said we were lost but I still had a general idea where we were and sure enough drove out right where we were supposed to be. Hmm, pride?! Still a good day. We found our Ebenezer family (the family group we are associated with) daughter and joyfully headed to the restaurant.

As we got out of the car, I didn't like where we were parking but there were no closer parking spots in the shade. We were leaving our kittens in the car with water, a litter box, food, shade and windows just down an inch. Taboo in the States. Tough to avoid when we drive for 2 hours to town where we do all our major business.

As I was locking the car, I looked in the car one last time and a small prompt went through my mind: "two bags are in plain sight". My response? "It's okay, there is a security guard here." Of course when I passed him, he was sitting down facing away from the cars, two vans that were right next to him and our car not 30 ft. away.

After a nice time of talking and eating with our Ebenezer family daughter, I went out to the car just to check on the cats. The car was unlocked and the lock had been jammed in but the door was shut. The two bags were missing but the two cats were there.

We agonized over that and tried taking some action but it all fell flat. We took our Ebenezer daughter home after trying to replace some of her lost items, and we grieved with her. One of the stolen bags was hers.

I dropped the family off at a shopping center and got on a boda-boda (a motorcycle taxi) to cross town and drop off an item. I was wondering how safe this guy would drive but he seemed to be doing okay. In a tight spot, however, a guy with two 35kg bags on the back of his motorcycle cut us off and the bag caught our mirror flipping the handlebars to the side. We skidded across the pavement toward the curb while I watched it approaching quickly. Some heated words of Luganda ensued peppered with many "sorry, sorry, sorry"'s from both boda drivers and many other witnesses around.

With a whole in my pant leg and the skin worn off my arm, we continued on getting lost on the way. I finally reached my destination and Judith, the lady to whom I was bringing the item, helped scrub my arm to get at least some of the dirt and gravel out.

When I got back to pick up my family and we all were headed out of town in our car, I said to Kim, "How can a person find joy in a day like this?" The response came, not from Kim, but I believe the Spirit of God, "Why can't you find joy in a day like this? Only two bad things happened to you all day. You had a wonderful time with your family including your Ebenezer family daughter, the cats didn't get stolen or escape, you didn't die, your car worked and wasn't stolen. You ate good food. You had a safe trip in the car. You had a good talk with your wife. Why can't you find joy in a day like this?"

I really and genuinely praised God after that.

Monday, June 27, 2011


A little over a week ago my whole family went to
Kampala. We had lots of fun and swam at lake Victoria
Hotel. We got there on Saturday and got back on
Sunday. The Brittons, a family we know that lives here
on Kasana, swam with us and we all had lots of fun.

The last week or more has been the same as before, besides going to Kampala. We had school on the weekdays and went to our family group on Tuesday night. On Thursday we had the McFarland's, another family we know that also lives here on Kasana, over for dinner. That was fun, and on Friday night my dad went to a dinner to help serve.

On Saturday morning we went to the family to help them in the garden. We usually do this every other Saturday. Then on Saturday afternoon I went to Toby Britton's birthday party. Today is Monday, and while I type my parents are playing volleyball. Just a few seconds ago I stopped in the middle of this Blog because I heard a meow. I went searching after it and found Domino, one of our cats, stuck in a tree. I climbed up and started to think of a way to get him down. He was on a laying down y shaped branch, so when I pushed him gently as a experiment, he fell and luckily caught himself on the lower branch. Then I pushed him toward the ground and he slowly went down the branch and finally jumped to the ground. In the midst of all this, however, he scratched my finger.

Thank you for all your prayers, and please keep praying for the staff and family groups. We are all doing well (including the cats). We are in good health and having fun here!

Thursday, June 9, 2011


Three weeks ago was our anniversary for being in Uganda for a year, and after one year without the 'dreaded' disease, I finally come down with it. The day after our anniversary I get Malaria ( which is pretty ironic since it was the day after our anniversary for being here in Uganda).
I came down with a high fever on Thursday, and the next day I got tested for Malaria and it came out to be POSITIVE!!! We got medications for it and I started taking it RIGHT AWAY!!! That night I threw up once. On Saturday my dad and my sister went to Kampala for the day. Our whole family was supposed to go but with me having Malaria I couldn't go so my mom stayed home with me. The next day, Sunday, I felt a little bit better but I was still sick and I still had to take the medications. Then on Monday my mom and my sister caught the stomach flu. The next few days all three of us were sick until that weekend when we all got better. While I was sick though, our cats seemed to know. They lay down on the blanket that was covering me and were very affectionate.
The next two weeks were regular. On Tuesdays we went down to the family group, on Sundays we went to church, and on the weekdays we did school. Now we are planning a trip to Entebbe with the Brittons, a family we know. So far we have worked out that my parents will leave on Thursday to go to Entebbe and they will stay the night there on Thursday night and Friday night while my sister and I stay home. Then on Saturday my sister and I will go in with the Brittons and meet my parents. Then we will all, all, including the Brittons, swim in a pool in a Hotel called Lake Victoria Hotel. After that we will stay in a Guesthouse for the night. Then the next day, Sunday, we drive back home.
Thank you all for praying for us. The rainy season is almost over, but our cistern has already overflowed. Please pray for here though, as one family group is having problems. Thank you for your prayer!

Monday, May 23, 2011

Reflections & Chickens & Joy

This week I have been teaching the Investment Year students, those who have finished S4 and are preparing to go to college or university or out into the job market. We talked about worldview Monday and I challenged them on what motivated them...what they were living for. We have been telling them that no matter what, we look at life from a certain worldview or perspective. Whether it was given by our parents, our culture, or we receive it from the Bible and God's people, it is still a worldview. Their definition was essentially: how we view the world around us, react to it and live in it.

They are putting a world map puzzle together and they were told by
Jennie Dangers to put the edges together first so it gives them a framework with which to work. I was encouraging them to try to understand their edges in their lives. What is providing a framework in which they are building the rest of their lives?

We looked at a few different topics like "singleness, life, truth, death, wisdom." I asked them how people generally define or understand these topics. In the midst of their many, very thought provoking questions, we began to look at the biblical view of these topics.

Singleness challenged them about the purpose for their life, now. Was this life going to be about "me" or was it going to be for the glory of God by loving others? If they start NOW focusing their lives on being for God's glory, then if and when they get married, they will be off to the best start. On the other hand, right now they have the opportunity the Apostle Paul talked about to have a focus on the Lord's work that, according to Paul, will be divided when they get married.

When we got to what is "life" and "truth" according to the Bible their answer was "Jesus." Right answer according to Jesus' own words...I AM...

I think the most challenging topic was when we got to convictions. Were they going to follow through on their convictions? Did they have convictions? What was the destination of those convictions. We looked at Hitler, who followed through with his convictions, to the destruction of masses. We also looked at Dietrich Bonhoeffer, who followed through with his convictions, to the spiritual growth of many and in a physical way seemingly to his own destruction at the command of Hitler. Bonhoeffer was peaceful at his death to the amazement of at least one officer overseeing his execution. Hitler was tormented to his death by his own hand. What were their convictions? Would they be resolute in them or would they waver when tough times or opposition came?

Lots questions and challenges for young people wondering where they are headed.

Where are WE headed? Into our second year here at New Hope Uganda. We are meeting with many different people and it is a joy being able to be a part of what God is doing. Getting more involved with some of the children's lives along with learning how to help the staff work with the children in their care. One of the reasons I am working with the Investment Year students is to see what the children are dealing with as they grow here and then begin to move out. When we learn what they are struggling with and challenged by, then we can more effectively help them.

Adding chickens and a new chicken house for our compound. The rooster crowing at 3am, 4am, 5am, 6am. At least he's consistent. Much rain in the rainy season creating a new lake in Uganda (only temporarily).

The first picture is of Nuulu of whom I quoted the other day on Facebook. I asked for a definition for joy and she responded, "living free." The second is our "lake" and new chicken house. The one wall opens up and the other comes off completely. No eggs, yet.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Eyo Camp!

Emmanuel Youth Outreach, EYO. In honor of Emmanuel, who died in '07.
They had camp last week, Wednesday through Saturday. The Eyo team put it on, and boy was it fun! (Would the more appropriate way to say that; and girl was it fun!; ?) The camp was for kids 14 and above (I was an exception because my birthday is next month and because I'm in S-1 (eighth grade). Wednesday was registration, we had our names written down and we got our name tag. The name tag was the passport for food. If we didn't have a name tag, we wouldn't get fed.
The theme this year was "Chosen Generation". We are sent to change the world. There was four teams like regular old camp. Yellow, red, blue and green. I was in yellow, along with two of my family members, Enid and John. I'll tell you now who won the camp competitions, YELLOW! ROCK ON!................... Sorry. Anyway, continuing Wednesday's schedule. After registrations we had a 'Rules and Regulations' meeting. Then dinner at home, after that we gathered back at the church for a movie, Martin Luther. Then bed at home.
The next day was better, we gathered at the church in the morning to hear two people speak, Uncle Erik and Uncle Dave. Uncle Erik spoke on purity and choosing the right friends. Uncle Dave spoke on servanthood. In between the speakers, we had break...- pojo porridge. After a few activities within our groups, we had lunch. Beans and pojo. Then were games, a variation of capture the flag and two different races (yellow won most, sorry for those who are reading this and were on different teams). After, volleyball (yellow, again) then dinner at home. One more movie, Amazing Grace (William Wilberforce), then bed at home.
The next day was not really the same. We had almost a comedy day. One speaker today, Uncle Geoff Britton who spoke on diligent work. Then we watched a bunch of Ugandan comedy movies after break, some of which were funny. We had a concert-type-thing after lunch, and then Uncle Roger spoke to us about different diseases, more like answered a whole lot of questions. Then dinner at home. It was now time for weird night! You're supposed to dress up weird. I put on my p.j. pants (trousers) and two shirts, then a bandana and an upside-down-hat! Not as weird as some people, some of the boys dressed up like girls (and some actually looked like girls! Definitely weird). Bedtime!
Last day, three speakers, Uncle Jonnes, Uncle Kato and Auntie Mary Britton. Uncle Jones spoke on changing the world through our lives. Auntie Mary spoke on nutrition, and Uncle Kato gave a testimony of his live being changed by Christians in the church. Break was somewhere in there... After lunch we had debate. The question: 'Is Christianity Boring?' There were a lot of interesting facts on both the proposing side and the opposing side. Me? I know that Christianity is definitely NOT boring, but it was interesting to hear both sides. Yellow won again, by 15 points. Then we had a basketball competition up on Secondary. Yellow lost, and we had the most minor injury in the camp. One of our leaders dislocated an elbow that had already been dislocated times before. He was taken to the hospital, but was only there for 20 minutes, thank God it wasn't a major thing!
We had dinner that night at the church, rice and meat (with the sauce), chapatis (YUM!), and sodas. After dinner, we had a campfire and actually roasted marshmellons (haha, marshmellows). People discussed what could of been done better and what couldn't of been done any better, and that was the end. It rained 4 hours straight that night after the campfire finished, it was SLIPPERY! There were some pretty funny pictures that had been taken, I'll see if I can get some.
Thanks everyone for all the prayers! We had boys from Kampala and people from outside New Hope's boarders come, pray that some of their lives will be changed because of the Eyo Camp. And please pray that there will be another next year if the Eyo members can raise enough money!

Friday, April 29, 2011


Yes, we had a hurricane. Ok, no. We didn't have exactly a hurricane, but it did feel like it. The wind was sure enough.
It started on the same day when the P•5 science teacher died. It was a sad Monday morning, it made me think a lot about how fragile life is, and how happy he must be right now. I had to get out of the house, I had been inside all that morning. So Micah and I went over to the basket ball court. I didn't really feel like playing too much because of the death, and all the people and police standing around the singles' dorm. I sat and thought until one of the Enterprise Farm workers, a 14-year old boy named Moses came and wanted to play a game.
(Ok, all this information isn't needed so I'll continue.) Wind started kicking up and there were a lot of dark clouds in the east, and I mean dark. Forty-five minutes later it started raining lightly. Ten minutes later it started raining harder and the rain started coming through the windows. Five minutes after that, it was blowing really really hard while raining. Micah took the umbrella outside to grab something before it got too wet (too late) and almost couldn't get back inside the door, it was blowing to hard.
About, a half-hour of rain and wind, mopping up the floor and trying to keep the water OUT-side, the wind and rain subsided, leaving just little spits of water every now and then. We had a pond in the master bedroom, a river in the driveway, and a lake in the back yard. Great fun, great fun. We hope we don't have another storm like that...
Nothing much else has happened, just that we have three cats at the moment, one we got two weeks ago (she's the cutest thing in the WORLD) and the Basket Ball Boys, the Stallions (or Triple Bs!) Are in the Nationals.
Please be praying for them as they are greatly discouraged after loosing the first game by 16 and loosing to last year's champions. If they win two today, the go on to the semi-finals. Pray for them to not be discouraged about not wining the championship and to focus on pleasing God, not for their glory but for His.
Thanks for all the prayers for rain, as you can see we've had a ton!

The two pictures are: Of our new kitten Nutmeg (Meggie, the cutie) and me on one of our worship teams on Easter Sunday. From left to right: Auntie (I forgot her name...) :(, Uncle Chris, Oliver (shorter girl), Faith (beside U. Chris), Annette, Anthony (dark in background) Joanna (facing away), Me, Uncle Rukundo, Auntie Grace, Joel (with guitar and singing, he was "somehow" sick that day :)

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Our Oldest Son, Kakuba, John

As we introduce you to our family, I thought I would start with our oldest son, Kakuba, John. I chose to start with him because he will not be with us much longer as he is going away to school in Kampala next month. Kakuba was one of the first members of Ebenezer family, coming to New hope in 1996 at the age of 7 years old. He initially lived in a dorm type setting until Ebenezer family was formed, then moved in to the family group. Although his father died before he came to New Hope, his mother is still alive as well as several siblings. His mother lives nearby and he regularly goes to help her. He has a plot of land near his mother's house that he inherited that he takes care of, planting various crops and caring for them.
Kakuba plans to study electrical engineering in school with an emphasis on repairing small appliances. After a two year electrical engineering degree, he plans to work and put himself through an additional two years of school to get an equivalent of a high school diploma. This is important for him to do as it will open up more job opportunities.
Kakuba says it is exciting to go away to school, yet a little scary too. He is moving from a rural setting to the country's largest city. He desires to make Godly friends and continue to follow God in the midst of much ungodliness in the city. There is also a lot theft in Kampala, and new people are often taken advantage of. He would appreciate your prayers for God's protection of his heart, mind and possessions! He was encouraged to find a room to rent across the street from a large, active church and has already gone and spoken with the leadership about how he can be involved. We praise God for arranging his housing so close to the church.
The family will miss Kakuba. As the oldest member, he is a leader in the family and is much loved. Recently I was down in the family when Kakuba returned from an absence of several days. It was neat to see how excited everyone was to see him. I was sitting reading to one of the youngest members, five year old William. When he saw Kakuba, he jumped up yelling "Kakuba, Kakuba!" and about fell down trying to run to him to hug him. It was then I realized the quality of Kakuba character

Thursday, April 14, 2011

This and that.

This week has been complicated. We don't have Luganda lesson this week because our teacher is watching a baby and she can't come. She said after a few weeks we could maybe go over there and she could teach us. So Monday and Tuesday were regular school days except for no Luganda. We also have started to climb every day a huge Mango tree that is perfect for climbing, except for a wasps nest that is in a Y on one of the branches. One of our friends here found that out the hard way. He got stung at least six times. Other than that, it's an awesome climbing tree.
Yesterday (Wednesday) Auntie Andrea Bouffard (you'll know her if you read my 'Camp' blog) had her baby so we had her kids over for a while. Then my dad brought them back over to their house to sleep there and he also slept there. Then the next morning they came back over for breakfast and then their dad came and got them to see their mom and baby sister.
Tonight we're going to a goodbye party at our family group for one of the older boys who's going to school in Kampala for a while. We're going to take him, as we're going to Kampala tomorrow. After we drop him off, we're going to go to the ARA (American Recreation Association) and stay the night there. Then the next day we're going do shopping and start to head back here around 2:30 or 3:00.
Thank you all for your prayers while were here! We have gotten a lot of rain lately, but we might need more. So please pray for more rain, maybe even for our cistern to over flow!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011


I've been discovering a lot of things lately. Somewhat physically and spiritually.
There's one thing in particular that I'm learning about, and that's Love. My discovering started when Kizza (Chee-za) Joel, one of our Heart of Worship band leaders asked me if I was good at writing songs. I didn't know but I'd try. So I asked him what the subject he would like it to be about, and if it should be horizontal praise or vertical worship. I am now trying to write a song about Love, in horizontal praise. (I've decided to have him help write and I will help compose the music.)
Anyway, in that time, I've been doing a lot of research and listening on the theme Love. I've discovered that (in my opinion, the Greeks thought so too) there are three types of Love. God's Love to us, as his sons and daughters, especially towards his son Jesus. The Godly Love towards our brothers and sisters in Christ, also the Love between parents and children, basically family love. Last of all the Love between husband and wife. There are a lot of references for Love, 1 Corinthians 13 for instance. It's exciting because it tells about what Love should be, Godly love between God and his children and between our families in Christ and our biological families.
The three basic examples for these are 1; Christ, 2; the church and 3; us! God's love toward his children, us is the greatest Love of all. But Christ is the greatest example of this Love, and because "God so loved the world, that he sent his one and only son, [so] that who ever believes in him, will not perish but have eternal life." John 3:16 God loves his children!
The second is the church. We have love towards our brothers and sisters in Christ, and they can usually be found in the church. We are tied together as family through God, fellowshipping in the church while worshiping Him.
And last of all examples, we have us! The sacred Love between husband and wife results in new life! Because "two shall become one" (not remembered reference...) :) We have had a lot of new life here in New Hope, three babies born in the span of three weeks! We have Hannah Mulungi (it means beautiful in Luganda), Genesis Karren (I've been told that's her middle name) and Rachel Alexa. Rachel isn't even 24 hours old yet! She was born last night at 8:40 to the Bouffard family. Praise God! Love is wonderful, isn't it?
I want to thank God for a number of things. For bringing three new babies safely into the world and for bringing me through hardships (not many, so that's another thing to thank God for!). I also want to thank him for protecting Micah and I as we climb a 50 ft. tall mango tree (it is soooooooooo fun!) and thank you Lord for kittens that are growing really fast.
Pray for us as we travel to Kampala tomorrow to the ARA (American Recreation Association) and to shop and pick up our new calico kitten, thank you for all the prayers for rain, we have received much, enough to mostly fill our cistern and help with the growing of our sweet corn and strawberries!
P.S. The two pictures are of our new cat Domino and me wearing a cauliflower stem while baking coconut cream pie with my friends Katelyn (front) and Acacia. That cauliflower was HUGE!!!