Monday, September 26, 2011

The Tournament

(Written on Monday 26th September 2011)

The Basketball tournament for the S1s And S2s was yesterday. On Friday we had our last practice before and they took it easy. On Saturday we (the Petersons) went to Kampala because my dad had to get new glasses. We got there at about 9:00 and waited at a restaurant for an Ebenezer boy who was doing school in a town not far from Kampala. We had scheduled to meet at 9:00. It was raining hard at the time. We waited and then finally he called at about 9:45 and said that it was raining too hard to come and he said that he hadn't even left yet.
So we went and did some shopping at a nearby store in the same building as the restaurant. The eye place was also in the same building and so my dad got the glasses. Then we went back to wait. At about 10:30 he finally came. We then sat down to eat. While we were waiting for the food to come, me sister pulled out her Ipod and we showed the boy some games. He has a really fun laugh and when he was trying the games, he laughed a lot. It was funny and fun. We left at about 1:15 and got home at 3:00.
The next day we met the S1s and S2s at the basketball court at about 7:00. My dad told them what we were going to be doing, then we left at 7:45. We were all excited and they were ready to play until we saw the court. I mean they were still ready to play and were excited, but the court...
The court was basically rocks and dirt, what you find on bad roads, with ash for the lines, and no nets on the baskets, just the rims. They started playing at about 11:00. The boys lost their first game, won their second, and lost their third. The girls won their first, lost their second, and lost their third, even though Kara was playing. It was complicated and I'm sure someone else will tell you how she got to play. And no, I didn't play. We got back at about 9:00.
Thank you for all your prayers. Please pray for my Mom, as she is somewhat sick. Keep praying for future things also!

Friday, September 23, 2011

Basketball Tournament

Sunday's the day! Seventh and eighth grade (S1-S2), teams go to the tournaments on Sunday in Matugga. Many of the kids can't wait! I guess I should explain a bit...
There are two teams, boys and girls. They mix the seventh and eighth grades in the teams. There are ten girls (not counting myself, I'll tell you why in a sec) and eleven boys. Many of the girls are shorter than me and I was counting myself short... Yeesh! And even some of the boys are shorter than me (almost 5'6" if anyone was wondering) but they are all doing pretty well. Everyone doesn't know all they should about the game, but four months ago there was no girl's team! And I think the girls have a good chance of doing at least somewhat well... We'll see. I'm sure they'd appreciate prayers.
Why am I not included? It's pretty simple actually. Short story- I'm not in the school so I can't play in the tournament. Long story- In the tournament, you have to have a student I.D. and in order to get a student I.D. you have to BE a student. So I'm not taking any classes in the school until next year. And therefore I can't be part of the team this year, and therefore I can't be in the tournament.
The boy's team has two Stallions with them, and another Stallion-in-training. The Stallions are the team that went to the Nationals at the beginning of this year, and they are GOOD. So the boy's team has a chance, especially since they've been playing longer than the girls. But we'll see. You never know. If they win this tournament, which I'm sure they have a good chance of doing...
You people who are reading this... Are probably wondering why I'm talking so much about basketball. Some people would say I'm addicted. Probably. Can't say for sure.
The only other thing that's happening soon is Worship Night, which is tomorrow. We are going to Kampala, and need to be back by 5:30. Preferably 4:00. Could you please pray for traffic to be good (is that a prober sentence?) and us to be able to be back by 3:30 by earliest, no setbacks, no nothing... And pray for me to have courage and to remember the words to the rap I'm doing tomorrow... "Everybody d-d-d-d-dance jus' like David did, move your feet to b-b-b-b-beat to p-p-p-p-praise the King, we dance undignified, unashamed to lift him high, gonna sing His praise to His will while we wait for the day when He'll split the skies... So dance a little, move a little, even if my bones get brittle, take it out, to the streets to shout it out like crazy people- Jesus freaks! We don't care, we're unashamed to live His name- Jesus freaks! We don't care, to live is Christ to die is gain!" Yeah. That's it. So pray. Please. And pray that when we play football (soccer) tomorrow we'll not get injured... And definitely pray for the tournament!!!!

By the way, the two pics are of our weird cats playing with each other, I thought them funny enough to put on the Blog!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011


The past few months my Dad has been teaching the S1 and S2 school boys and girls. They are going to a tournament this Sunday and the school sports leader has asked him to teach them and get them fit. We are also going with them to the tournament with another Basketball teacher this Sunday.
The past few weeks have been, as usual, the usual normal. We have done school on the Weekdays, gone to our family group on Tuesdays, had our family night on Friday (most of the time), gone to the family group's garden to help them on Saturday, gone to Church on Sundays, and played Basketball almost everyday of the week.
This Saturday our whole family (just us Petersons) will go into Kampala for a reason that I don't know. All I know is that it isn't something important. Then we will go in to Mutogo, which isn't as far as Kampala, the very next day, Sunday, to the tournament. We will come back after it's over.
We are having fun playing basketball and looking forward for the Kansas Team coming. Thank you for your prayers and please keep praying for us and for the Tournament players. Thank you all!


Monday, September 12, 2011

'Basketball' week.

This week we have played Basketball a lot. It started on Friday morning when my Dad had to train some girls. Kara and I went with him. Then the next day, Saturday, my parents had to go to Kampala for a wedding, which turned out to be a crazy day. I'm sure they'll tell you about it in a later Blog. Anyway, we heard people playing on the basketball court at about 8:30, so we went over. It was the secondary boys who are on New Hope's team. They said they had been over there since 6:00 in the morning. So we played most of the morning. We had Jonica Biedler, one of Kara's friends, come over at 6:00. She helped us make dinner and then our parents got home, so we ate, watched a movie and Kara and Jonica had a sleepover.
Then the next day, Sunday, my Dad and I played basketball a bit. Then today (Monday) my Dad once again had to train the girls. Kara and I again went with him, played until three and then I came back to begin this. As soon as I'm done I'll go back over there.
Yesterday, also, we had the Ebenezer family over and we played football on 'Ebenezer Stadium' as they called it, which is a field that the boys slashed. We played until 6:00 and then they went home. On Friday, when the Biedlers came, we got our tub. Thank you Mormor and Poppie! We got five basketballs, clothes, gum candy, pans, some other things that I'm forgetting, and some other things I don't know about.
Thank you for all your prayers! We are doing very well, not many injuries. Please keep praying for anything that could happen!


Monday, September 5, 2011

Back from Kenya.

We got back from a fun trip in Kenya a week from yesterday (last post). Kara and I then did mini school for four days. We also enjoyed playing basketball during the week. On Saturday my dad had to go to Kampala to teach the IYs at the Brown's house, who (the Browns) have been and are living in Kampala. So I went with him to play with Joel Brown. We went to a pool and swam until lunchtime and then went back, ate lunch, and then played until 3:00.
At 3:00 my dad and I started back to New Hope, and still didn't get back till 6:00. Then at 6:30 we started supper because our family group was supposed to come at 7:30. But then, when we were almost done with supper, at 7:00, they showed up early. So we just said fine, set up the movie, and started it and ate our supper elsewhere. Then the next day, after the church service, there was a basketball game with the secondary students against the staff. One of the taller players for the secondary students dunked twice and was very proud of himself.
Today, and this week, we have school. Right now I am done with school, and as soon as I finish typing this, Kara and I are going to play Basketball. Thank you all for your prayers, everything is going almost perfect. My mom got bit and scratched by the Anderson's (a family that we know) cat. It might have gotten infected but she went to the clinic and it should be okay soon. Keep praying for that and for anything else that might show up!