Monday, June 18, 2012


       Nothing special has happened lately except that some friends from the States have come to visit us. They arrived on Friday and right now are on the way to Mukono as I speak. They brought some stuff for us, some that we ordered, some that they got for us.
Wednesday we had two Ebenezer girls over for their birthdays. On Thursday night we had John over because he was sick and they had bedbugs down in the family. So he was he was here that night and the next. We also had another Ebenezer girl over because she was also very sick. 
On Friday morning my Dad went to get John Kelley(My Dad’s best friend and father of my best friend), Don Couchman(Our Dentist), and Don’s Grandson, Nate. Larry, someone we’d never met before, who knew Don, came the next day. We had dinner with them that night, then came back to sleep. Saturday morning after breakfast we went to get them and give them a tour around Kasana. We had Lunch and Dinner that day with them also.
Sunday morning we drove over and walked with them from the Guesthouse to church. After Church we had Lunch with them and then I went to Toby Britton’s birthday party. There was a lot of sugar in it. Saltwater Taffys, Marshmallows, Cake… It didn’t get me Hyper though, luckily. That night we brought Ebenezer over to the Guesthouse to celebrate American Father’s day and Kara’s birthday with our friends with a feast. We had a fun time.
Today my parents took our friends down to Mukono to do something down there for a couple days. They will head back to America once they’re finished there. They left at about 8:00 and it is 2:30 now. They should be back in about 40 minutes.
Thank you all for your prayers once again. We appreciate them very much. Also your support. Please keep praying for our Furlough. We still don’t know the exact date we are going. We have a lot to do. Please keep praying for that and other Future things. Thanks again!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

One month to Furlough!

                                      (written on the 12th)
So our plans have changed. We are not going for furlough next year anymore, but we are now going in a month. Crazy! Just thinking about going back to America in only one month after planning for next year makes my head swim! Can’t wait to see good friends though!
We will be on our usual schedule until we go next month. Doing school, going to the family group on Tuesdays (like today), going to the family gardens on most Saturdays, going to church, etc. We did a few special things the past few days.
On Saturday we went down to the family group and slashed around the compound for a while then came back. Then that evening there was a basketball party for the basketball teams and each person could invite 2 people. Since there was a lot of players from Ebenezer, almost all the family came from being invited. There was a banquet(small one), a slideshow with a few clips of the Regional and National tournaments, then they gave certificates for playing in the nationals to the teams.
Sunday we had Ebenezer over for pancakes, and my Dad called it our own I-Hop(International House of Pancakes). After Church we had them at around 4:00 for a football game then a basketball game. We had fun both times, and everyone’s getting better at basketball.
Tonight we will be going to Ebenezer(of course). Tomorrow night we will be having a few of the girls over for their birthday. Today, if it doesn’t start raining to hard, I will be heading over to see how Toby is doing. He has been terribly sick lately, but it sounds as if he is better now.
Thank you all for your prayers and support, we appreciate it very much. Please pray for next month, as we have much to plan before we go. Please pray for other things also. As I said, it is raining right now, and I think our cistern is pretty much full. Thanks again for everything!

Monday, June 4, 2012

        We are settling back into our pattern for a couple weeks. We just got back from the Staff Retreat (just western staff) in Kingfisher. Kingfisher, an area that is basically a hotel with big spaces, is located in Jinja. Did I mention it has a pool?
There are different sessions in which they talk about different stuff. Some of them older kids have to go to, but some we don’t. On the way to Jinja on Wednesday the 30th we switched Toby Britton with Kara. So Toby came with us, and Kara went with the Brittons. We went to The Keep for lunch, and Kara came with some other people. Toby was staying with us even though his family was eating at Kingfisher.
We swam a bit that afternoon and then went to a session. Everyone was supposed to be there until little kids and big ones that were helping were released. Then the next day, Thursday the 31st, we had two morning sessions that older ones had to be at. But one I didn’t have to go to. That afternoon we also swam.
On Friday the 1st there were no sessions the older ones had to go to. So we swam most of the day. At 4:00 Toby, the Mitchells, Elisha McFarland, Noah McFarland and I went on a Boat ride down a little bit of the Nile until 5:00. Then everyone went to Two Friends for dinner.
On Saturday the 2nd many people left except the Vogts, the McFarlands, the Sparks, and us. Mwine came in the morning and we went on another boat ride. We also went to Two Friends for Dinner. The next day, Sunday the 3rd, we left after breakfast. We got to Kampala before lunch, shopped a bit, went and ate lunch, then went to the Theaters. I don’t know if you’ve seen Avengers, but I think IT IS FULLY AWESOME!!!!! Cause that’s what we watched. Love it! Then after the movie we dropped Mwine off and started home.
Thank you all for your prayers, we really appreciate them. Thanks also for your support. We are doing very well, but my Mom is a bit sick. Please pray for that and other things. Thank you all again!