Wednesday, June 13, 2012

One month to Furlough!

                                      (written on the 12th)
So our plans have changed. We are not going for furlough next year anymore, but we are now going in a month. Crazy! Just thinking about going back to America in only one month after planning for next year makes my head swim! Can’t wait to see good friends though!
We will be on our usual schedule until we go next month. Doing school, going to the family group on Tuesdays (like today), going to the family gardens on most Saturdays, going to church, etc. We did a few special things the past few days.
On Saturday we went down to the family group and slashed around the compound for a while then came back. Then that evening there was a basketball party for the basketball teams and each person could invite 2 people. Since there was a lot of players from Ebenezer, almost all the family came from being invited. There was a banquet(small one), a slideshow with a few clips of the Regional and National tournaments, then they gave certificates for playing in the nationals to the teams.
Sunday we had Ebenezer over for pancakes, and my Dad called it our own I-Hop(International House of Pancakes). After Church we had them at around 4:00 for a football game then a basketball game. We had fun both times, and everyone’s getting better at basketball.
Tonight we will be going to Ebenezer(of course). Tomorrow night we will be having a few of the girls over for their birthday. Today, if it doesn’t start raining to hard, I will be heading over to see how Toby is doing. He has been terribly sick lately, but it sounds as if he is better now.
Thank you all for your prayers and support, we appreciate it very much. Please pray for next month, as we have much to plan before we go. Please pray for other things also. As I said, it is raining right now, and I think our cistern is pretty much full. Thanks again for everything!

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