Saturday, July 14, 2012

Fourth of July and Ugandan Thanksgiving.

       Wednesday last week was Fourth of July as everybody knows, and all the Americans gathered at the Andersons to celebrate. Most of the afternoon until supper we played dodgeball. It was fun playing against Jensen, Jerimiah, and a friend of their's, who were a few years older than me, because I would catch most balls that they threw. Anyways, playing dodgeball was fun, and after we had dinner, and a bonfire, everyone went home.
       We are having Mwine over here most of the time this month, and his is a fun guy (Haven't I already called him that before?). Anyways, it is fun having him here, and he will be with us until we leave. He is actually sitting in the living room as I type.
       Saturday the 7th was New Hope Ugandan Thanksgiving, and my Dad was in charge of it all, so it was a bit stressful for him. Especially since the first Lady of Uganda (the President's wife) came for it. Thanksgiving started at around 10:30, and the First Lady arrived at about 12:30. Her and some of the people who came with her spoke. After lunch, which was at about 2:30, everybody was dismissed.
       Two weeks from today and we will be heading to Kampala. Then two days after that we will be flying!! Time is flying, and soon we will be leaving Uganda for the rest of the year. Can't wait to see you all! Thank you for your prayers and support. There is nothing important happening except that we are going back to America very soon. Please pray for that, packing and planning and stuff will take a while! Thank you all again!


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