Sunday, February 27, 2011

Heart of Worship

Wow, these past three weeks have been awesome.
The main reason? I have officially joined the Heart of Worship team. The last worship night was just Saturday, thanks for all the prayers because while I was in the choir I didn't feel the least bit nervous, even though I was the only white person in the band. It seemed perfectly natural.
Maybe I should make the worship teams clear, there are three. The first one is the worship team for the Sunday service, I don't know if they have a name or not. The second is the one I am in, the Heart of Worship. We are made up of entirely teenagers (except Auntie Hannah and Uncle Ronnie who help in the training and practices). We sing on the worship nights, the last Saturday of every month. Only once and a while do we sing on Sundays (like this coming Sunday). And last but not least is the Echos of Hope. They are made up of the younger children and Auntie Grace who leads. They rarely sing, only on special occasions like Easter and the Ugandan Thanksgiving.
So anyway. About home? We are settled in. Still no other furniture but the table, couches and beds. We have grass planted and are ready to plant more as soon as it rains. Speaking of the rain, we had two huge storms and are praying for more, it made tons of mud but filled out cistern a lot more, thanks for the prayers!!!!
What other news is there... Not much I suppose. Ali cat had two kittens almost four weeks ago. Their eyes are already open and they are starting to explore a lot more. School's going good (quite boring as usual) nice and steady.
Please pray that a thief or a borrower will be caught, there was a ladder stolen or borrowed from the Biedler's house. I don't know what is going on over there but there was also some sugar cane that was growing but has now been cut down. The compound worker is getting frustrated with this.
Thanks for all your prayers so far!

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