Friday, February 4, 2011

Regular life?

The past few weeks have been as it has always been. Going to church on Sunday, doing school through the week, going to the family group and eating there every Tuesday, having family night(just the four of us) every Friday night, and playing with friends. Last week, on Saturday, we went to Entebbe and swam the whole day at Lake Victoria Hotel. We spent the night at the Airport Guest house and did some shopping in Kampala on Sunday. We got home around five in the afternoon.
Last Friday, the eleventh, my Mom went to a lady's dinner and didn't get back until very very late, so we didn't get to do family night, but we are planning to have it on Sunday night(as I'm typing it is Sunday). Yesterday, in the morning, we went to the family group to work. Then we went back for game night, and also to eat there.
The past few days have been fun, but they have also been not so fun. The not so fun parts was that five days a week we do lots of school. The fun parts are that I play with friends every day, pretty much. Also that we go to the family group. I have lots of fun with the kids there. Yesterday, for example, we had lots of fun with them, and I think that they had lots of fun with us.
Please pray for us, especially for rain, as our cistern, our water holder, is very very low. Thank you for your prayers!

Micah Peterson

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