Friday, April 29, 2011


Yes, we had a hurricane. Ok, no. We didn't have exactly a hurricane, but it did feel like it. The wind was sure enough.
It started on the same day when the P•5 science teacher died. It was a sad Monday morning, it made me think a lot about how fragile life is, and how happy he must be right now. I had to get out of the house, I had been inside all that morning. So Micah and I went over to the basket ball court. I didn't really feel like playing too much because of the death, and all the people and police standing around the singles' dorm. I sat and thought until one of the Enterprise Farm workers, a 14-year old boy named Moses came and wanted to play a game.
(Ok, all this information isn't needed so I'll continue.) Wind started kicking up and there were a lot of dark clouds in the east, and I mean dark. Forty-five minutes later it started raining lightly. Ten minutes later it started raining harder and the rain started coming through the windows. Five minutes after that, it was blowing really really hard while raining. Micah took the umbrella outside to grab something before it got too wet (too late) and almost couldn't get back inside the door, it was blowing to hard.
About, a half-hour of rain and wind, mopping up the floor and trying to keep the water OUT-side, the wind and rain subsided, leaving just little spits of water every now and then. We had a pond in the master bedroom, a river in the driveway, and a lake in the back yard. Great fun, great fun. We hope we don't have another storm like that...
Nothing much else has happened, just that we have three cats at the moment, one we got two weeks ago (she's the cutest thing in the WORLD) and the Basket Ball Boys, the Stallions (or Triple Bs!) Are in the Nationals.
Please be praying for them as they are greatly discouraged after loosing the first game by 16 and loosing to last year's champions. If they win two today, the go on to the semi-finals. Pray for them to not be discouraged about not wining the championship and to focus on pleasing God, not for their glory but for His.
Thanks for all the prayers for rain, as you can see we've had a ton!

The two pictures are: Of our new kitten Nutmeg (Meggie, the cutie) and me on one of our worship teams on Easter Sunday. From left to right: Auntie (I forgot her name...) :(, Uncle Chris, Oliver (shorter girl), Faith (beside U. Chris), Annette, Anthony (dark in background) Joanna (facing away), Me, Uncle Rukundo, Auntie Grace, Joel (with guitar and singing, he was "somehow" sick that day :)

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