Thursday, April 14, 2011

This and that.

This week has been complicated. We don't have Luganda lesson this week because our teacher is watching a baby and she can't come. She said after a few weeks we could maybe go over there and she could teach us. So Monday and Tuesday were regular school days except for no Luganda. We also have started to climb every day a huge Mango tree that is perfect for climbing, except for a wasps nest that is in a Y on one of the branches. One of our friends here found that out the hard way. He got stung at least six times. Other than that, it's an awesome climbing tree.
Yesterday (Wednesday) Auntie Andrea Bouffard (you'll know her if you read my 'Camp' blog) had her baby so we had her kids over for a while. Then my dad brought them back over to their house to sleep there and he also slept there. Then the next morning they came back over for breakfast and then their dad came and got them to see their mom and baby sister.
Tonight we're going to a goodbye party at our family group for one of the older boys who's going to school in Kampala for a while. We're going to take him, as we're going to Kampala tomorrow. After we drop him off, we're going to go to the ARA (American Recreation Association) and stay the night there. Then the next day we're going do shopping and start to head back here around 2:30 or 3:00.
Thank you all for your prayers while were here! We have gotten a lot of rain lately, but we might need more. So please pray for more rain, maybe even for our cistern to over flow!

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