Monday, May 23, 2011

Reflections & Chickens & Joy

This week I have been teaching the Investment Year students, those who have finished S4 and are preparing to go to college or university or out into the job market. We talked about worldview Monday and I challenged them on what motivated them...what they were living for. We have been telling them that no matter what, we look at life from a certain worldview or perspective. Whether it was given by our parents, our culture, or we receive it from the Bible and God's people, it is still a worldview. Their definition was essentially: how we view the world around us, react to it and live in it.

They are putting a world map puzzle together and they were told by
Jennie Dangers to put the edges together first so it gives them a framework with which to work. I was encouraging them to try to understand their edges in their lives. What is providing a framework in which they are building the rest of their lives?

We looked at a few different topics like "singleness, life, truth, death, wisdom." I asked them how people generally define or understand these topics. In the midst of their many, very thought provoking questions, we began to look at the biblical view of these topics.

Singleness challenged them about the purpose for their life, now. Was this life going to be about "me" or was it going to be for the glory of God by loving others? If they start NOW focusing their lives on being for God's glory, then if and when they get married, they will be off to the best start. On the other hand, right now they have the opportunity the Apostle Paul talked about to have a focus on the Lord's work that, according to Paul, will be divided when they get married.

When we got to what is "life" and "truth" according to the Bible their answer was "Jesus." Right answer according to Jesus' own words...I AM...

I think the most challenging topic was when we got to convictions. Were they going to follow through on their convictions? Did they have convictions? What was the destination of those convictions. We looked at Hitler, who followed through with his convictions, to the destruction of masses. We also looked at Dietrich Bonhoeffer, who followed through with his convictions, to the spiritual growth of many and in a physical way seemingly to his own destruction at the command of Hitler. Bonhoeffer was peaceful at his death to the amazement of at least one officer overseeing his execution. Hitler was tormented to his death by his own hand. What were their convictions? Would they be resolute in them or would they waver when tough times or opposition came?

Lots questions and challenges for young people wondering where they are headed.

Where are WE headed? Into our second year here at New Hope Uganda. We are meeting with many different people and it is a joy being able to be a part of what God is doing. Getting more involved with some of the children's lives along with learning how to help the staff work with the children in their care. One of the reasons I am working with the Investment Year students is to see what the children are dealing with as they grow here and then begin to move out. When we learn what they are struggling with and challenged by, then we can more effectively help them.

Adding chickens and a new chicken house for our compound. The rooster crowing at 3am, 4am, 5am, 6am. At least he's consistent. Much rain in the rainy season creating a new lake in Uganda (only temporarily).

The first picture is of Nuulu of whom I quoted the other day on Facebook. I asked for a definition for joy and she responded, "living free." The second is our "lake" and new chicken house. The one wall opens up and the other comes off completely. No eggs, yet.

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