Monday, August 1, 2011

Birthday! (#2)

A week ago, on Saturday, we had our Ebenezer family over for my birthday and to watch Voyage of the Dawn Treader. We, Petersons, had seen it before, but our family group hadn't. We also had Toby Britton and Joel Brown over for a sleep over. After the movie we had cake and Ice Cream, the first time most of the Ebenezer family had had Ice Cream. Most of them ( I hope) liked it. After they left we went to bed. The next day we (the Petersons, Toby and Joel) left somewhat early and left for Entebbe, after breakfast of course.
We went through Kampala and continued on to Entebbe. When we got there we went to Lake Victoria Hotel and swam for the day. For supper we went to a restaurant in Kampala, and at Kampala Joel's parents were there and after a 4:30 dinner they took him. A while after they left, we started home.
On Monday I got some presents from my parents, including a bow, and arrows(an oscary(guard) sold it to my parents), and I am having fun with them. Wednesday we went to the Enterprise farm's maize harvest. We started at about 8:30 and ended at about 11:30. Then, in addition, we maize harvested at our Family group's garden on Saturday morning. Maize harvesting is not very fun if you want to know. Their is a technique that is described on Kara's latest blog.
Thank you all for all your prayers and support. We are all having fun, especially in basketball, as my mom, Kim, just played with us this morning. Mormor- this is what I actually said the first time- there is nothing happening at the moment, but there might be soon! Micah

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