Saturday, July 30, 2011

Maize Harvesting

My hands are sore. In the past week, we've maize harvested twice. It isn't so easy to maize harvest by hand, it takes a long time to do. We started on Wednesday, maize harvesting down at Enterprise farm. There was four HUGE fields and we got the third one. Not for ourselves of course, the Institute came and helped along with most of the secondary students and the team that had arrived the day before. This is how you harvest;
1: Attack the maize stock
2: Locate the maize pod (is that what you call it? I don't know.)
3: Rip open the pod thingymajigger and twist the maize cob to get the shucks off
4: Toss the cob to the nearest bag (try to make it in)
5: Kick or whack down the stock to signal others you have defeated it
6: Target the next stock
After doing this aggressive work for a while, your hands start to hurt, all of this is by hand. We started at 8:45 and ended at eleven something, thankfully, and went back home. I was so groggy for the rest of the day I was so tired. Then, in addition, we did more harvesting just this morning for three hours. My thumbs are now rubbed raw and my hand where I was twisting the shucks are raw. Ah, the wonders of work! :P
I think this is Spider Season... We've had some few adventures with spiders. It started with a spider falling out of my towel. Yeah, it fell on to my shoulder then onto my foot and then into the tub. Thankfully, I didn't scream, but I wasn't brave enough to kill it with my bare hands. I had to get my mom to come and smash it. It's body was about a centimeter in diameter (what's all this about meters?) Yeesh, spiders. Then we had one in our hall, the body being about a half an inch in diameter. I shall say it again, Yeesh. Spiders.
Last bit of news. Worship night went on Saturday night, and there was no one to play the piano. So guess who played?


Oh yeah, it was fun.
Thanks for all the prayers! Mormor- this is for you- Keep on praying. Nothing's happened yet, but something's bound to turn up soon!


P.S. The pics are of me playing the piano on one of the past Sundays (a while ago) and Micah on his birthday with our grown-up kitty Meggie!

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