Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Birthday again.

                                     (Written on the 21st)
We have gotten back into the rhythm of things. Doing school, having the family group over, going to church, Etc. On Friday night we went down to the family meeting at Ebenezer for something important. We had known what this important thing was before, but the family didn’t. It was that the Ebenezer Family parents were going back to Jinja and someone else would take their place. Please pray for that, because I know that when they leave many of Ebenezer will be sad.
On Saturday my Mom and Dad went to Kampala to get rims for the car. Kara and I spent the day here on Secondary until the came back, and Toby Britton came about a half hour before they got home. You see, Toby was having a sleepover here at my house. So he came at about 4:30, we played DS until about a half hour before supper, (Acacia Britton was having a sleepover with Kara that night too, but she came later just before MacGyver) and watched a MacGyver before and during supper.
Then after supper Ebenezer came and we all watched the rest of Matthew. We had fun. Then after that Ebenezer left, we watched another MacGyver, Toby and I played some more DS then went to bed. The next morning Toby had to leave early after breakfast, but Acacia, Kara and I play DS for a while. Then we went to Church.
Last night we had the Brittons over for supper and us kids went out and play outside for a while after a VERY good supper. We had lots of fun as we played in the dark and then came in and danced to music until they left. Today I am going over to the Brittons again to play with Toby. As soon as i’m done with this, of course.
Thank you all for your prayers and support. We all appreciate it very much. Thank you all for your prayers, it has been raining a lot lately again. Please keep praying for the kids in the Family group, as they struggle with the Family parents leaving. Please also pray for Future things, such as dry seasons and anything else you think of.

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