Monday, May 21, 2012

Back home.

(Written on the 14th)
So we got back from the National Basketball Tournament a little over two weeks ago. We had a lot of fun. When we got there after a 9 hour trip we dropped the Boys’ (team) stuff off, cause they were staying where the actual games were taking place, and went to where the Girls were staying. After all this we went to our (us and the Anderson family) Hotel.
The next day (Tuesday) was both of the teams’ first game. Both teams lost these games. Then the Boys played the next day (Wednesday), lost, didn’t play the next day (Thursday), played the next day (Friday), and won. The Girls played twice on Thursday, and lost both.
But the Girls and Boys were joyful after each loss and win, and everybody noticed it. Many people commented on it, saying they were different in their attitude after losing. They also made new friends, including ones that were on the opposite team.
So after two weeks of no school, we started again a week ago. We also had Ebenezer over to watch a movie that acts out Matthew.
Thank you all for you prayers and support. We are very grateful for it. It has been raining a lot lately again. Our cistern is filling up and the rain is once again slowing down. Please pray for future things.

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