Monday, December 3, 2012

Final month!

     Yes, exactly one month from last Saturday we leave. Only one month! This last month will be a bit busy. Many of you didn't know about a certain trip one of us took, and that was good. You didn't know because it was for the safety of the surprise for the Ugandan kids.
     Tuesday night the 20th my Dad stayed at my Grandparent's (his parents) house, and the next day early he was off to the airport to head to Uganda! The next week we hung out and did school. We missed my Dad, but he called us a lot. Thursday the 29th the next week we went to the Gettis's (my Dad's sister's family) house for dinner.  Friday we got the news.
      You can determine if it was bad news or not. The people whose house we were staying in were coming back early. Sunday by 3:00 we had to be out. So without my Dad we had to pack up everything. We were ready by Sunday morning, so we packed up and moved back into my Grandparent's house.
     Now, back to the details. Friday night we had our family night, but it was without my Dad, so it wasn't a real family night. Saturday morning, the 1st of December, we spent mostly cleaning and packing, and after lunch we headed over to my Grandparent's house, and Kara went to do babysitting with Linnea Gettis, our cousin. My Mom and I stayed at my Grandparent's house for a while, then headed back to the house we were staying in and hung out there till around 5:00. Then we went to Nathan Gettis's birthday party, then picked up Kara, then came home.
     Sunday we gathered up all of our stuff, brought it to my Grandparent's house, and headed to Church. Then we came back to my Gp's (Grandparent's) house and hung out there. Around 6:00 we went to the airport to pick up my Dad! We had to wait for a while, but then saw him and took him back here. After dinner we saw the videos and pics that he took while he was in Uganda on the new computer. After that we, of course, went to bed. Today we do school and then hang out here.
     Thank you all for the prayers and support. We appreciate it very much. The Banda, or small house for the Ugandan boys that will be staying with us, that we have been trying to raise money for is already started. Please pray for our final trips to Seaside, Oregon and Uganda, Africa will go well. Thank you all again!


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