Monday, November 26, 2012

A fun memory

     Ahhh.... Riding a dirt bike for the first time... awesome!! It was at the Kelley's, in Clay Center, Kansas, and when they offered, I was both excited and nervous. John Kelley, the Dad, showed me how to operate it, and when he finished, I was off!....slowly. I went slow at first because I didn't know what could happen, and if there was big bumps in the area that we were riding, but of course there was nothing to fear.
Us getting ready to ride!
     So with the sound of engines in my ears, and the rough handles vibrating in my grasp, I went faster and faster, until I was at full speed, which wasn't very fast, cause I was on a little bike. If I didn't go fast enough, I could catch a faint hint of gas. I rushed around, everything a blur around me, other riders on bigger bikes zooming ahead, racing to see who was the fastest. Obviously not me. What an exhilarating feeling!
     Near the Kelley's house was a valley filled with bushes, and many paths among them. In many places there were jumps going out of the valley, and if I went fast enough, I would get both wheels in the air, which was awesome. Weaving in and out, we would try to find new paths, with some ending in dead ends. In and out, down and up, stopping and going, around and around we went, never getting tired of it. Because, of course, it is awesome!
     I love that memory, and can't wait ride dirt bikes again. We had fun, my Dad, Kara, and I, riding dirt bikes for the first time. We miss those in Clay Center, as we miss those in Colorado Springs, Tulsa, and many other places, especially those in Uganda, as we did not expect to say goodbye so soon. We miss, and will miss, everybody. Thank you all!


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