Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Poverty and Abundance

I heard the dog barking and went out to see who it was that was coming from behind the house. Sheepishly, the boy who worked hard for me but stole our fruit, got off his bike and walked slowly over to me. I welcomed him and was genuinely glad to see him since I thought I would never see him again. He immediately apologized and handed me some money. He told me he had worked for another of the staff and the staff member had told him to bring the money to me to pay for the fruit. I had asked this staff member for advice since he knew the boy.

As I talked with him, encouraging him about his hard work didn't seem to be lifting his spirits at all. I told him I would like to have him work for me again. My heart broke, though, when, as he walked away, he turned and said, "Uncle? Am I forgiven?" I then knew a bit more of Jesus' heart. "You are already forgiven."

I was struck by 2 Corinthians 8 & 9 as the Apostle Paul essentially told the Corinthians to give out of their abundance not their poverty. I'm realizing how I need to keep receiving from Jesus in order to give/sow generously.

With all that in mind, how do I pray for the workers building our house who have not worked the last two days because someone stole the concrete bags left at the sight?
Only by God's grace, Tim

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