Friday, July 30, 2010

Further updates

Grading 2nd grade math papers at 13. Who knew? I am currently helping two days a week in the P2 (second grade) classroom and grading papers and helping out the teachers with their work. My thumb gets cramped sometimes. :P

It's exiting to see what God is doing through me. I know I will be helping a lot during our time here, even if I don't know it at the time. Even by making friends, God is using me.

Life in Uganda is getting more and more exiting as we live here. Our house is going up very quickly, sorry there are no updated pictures right now. Puppies that we saw 3 days old are now 4 weeks old and are going to their new families. Micah and I would of loved to get one but right now we are staying in someone's house and taking care of another dog. If it is God's will, we will get our pets over time.

We have our new extended family after many weeks of waiting! The Ebenezer family will be our brothers and sisters for many years to come. The family father and mother are great care givers and have two children of their own. Auntie Florence, our family mother, is also cooking for the Institute. Even through all the suffering she's gone through, God's light shines through her and encourages me through my times of trouble.

Please pray for our compound workers, Kibedi, Justine, and Fiona. Kibedi almost lost one of his boys due to him running away. Pray for this boy's heart. Also pray for Justine and Fiona's family, as Fiona's husband had to go through surgery. Pray he will recover quickly and will be strong again.

Missing everyone back home and know that we are still here and doing well! With all the sickness going around, we have not gotten Malaria but only a slight stomach flu. Thank you for your prayers!


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  1. Hi Kara! Good to hear from you. That is good that you haven't had malaria yet. Are you taking medicne for it? The puppies look much bigger. I miss you