Friday, August 13, 2010

Our New House

Many have been asking about our house that is being built. We have been living the house of a family that is currently in the States on furlough. They return at the end of December. Obviously we have to be out of their house by that time. The work on the house is going well, as you can see. This is the progress they have made in two and half months but this includes a very large cistern that should adequately fill all our water needs even in the dry season. The house is all brick (because of termites and boring bees-not because they aren't funny either) except for the rafters and trusses.

Though it looks like it is about done. The longest part of the construction is the inside. They have not yet put the floor in nor plastered the walls, not to mention the plumbing and fixtures and electricity. There is a lot to go but we are already preparing the ground to put in a garden since rainy season has just begun. We should have vegetables by the time we move in.

Please pray for finances for the house. We still have a bit to go since we have to furnish it and get a kitchen prepared. Pray also for a team to come before December so they can bring some things from the States (MUCH cheaper).

I also included a picture of the forest cobra we killed three weeks after we arrived. It killed 7 of the chickens before we got to it. It was almost seven feet long. I realized why people fear snakes and especially cobras when we were trying to poke at it and slowly draw it out of its hole under the chicken house. I was about 5 feet away when its head popped out mouth open then flared its hood. That was a little too close but I guess I distracted it enough so someone else could get a smack on its head. Uncle George, holding it, was the one that found its lair.


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