Saturday, August 14, 2010

Jigger and other stuff.

A week ago I was washing my feet (my feet get dirty all the time) And I saw a little brown spot. I tried to wash it off but it wouldn't come off. I had heard about Jiggers but I had never seen one. I asked my mom if it was one. She said it could be, so we went to the clinic the next morning. The lady there didn't say if it was or not, she just started digging. It turned out it was, and the eggsack in my toe was about the size of a small pea. Then their was another one in another toe, but we caught it young so it didn't hurt as much.
Their are lots of options that I could of got them from. Kibedi, our compound worker, said it might be from the chicken house, as I've been wearing sandals in there. One of the teachers from the school said there is a boy in the first grade that had one, so that one might of burst and I could of gotten it from that.
I've been helping in the Primary school in first grade on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Even
though the teacher only have me hand out books for help, it is still fun. I do whatever work the
children do, just for fun. The children have gotten to like me so much that whenever I walk past
the school room when i'm not there they yell my name when they see me.
I've gotten a lot of friends while i've been here. I've made friends with Andrew from
Jonathan family, almost all of the Ebenezer family, our family group, and many others. Most
whites get assigned to a family group, and we've been assigned to the Ebenezer family group.
Our house is getting built mpola mpola( meaning "slowly slowly" in luganda). Until our
house is built, we are living in the Mcfarland's house.

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