Thursday, August 26, 2010


After 5 whole days without power, WOOP! It's on! That means a lot, because when the power's off, we don't have a fridge, and when we don't have a fridge, we don't have cold food. Bummer. Anyway. Power's on, and that's what counts.
We are having fun. The past two weeks have been break time from school for the kids, which means I haven't been helping in the classroom. We have still been doing school, although we haven't been doing very much. Two or three hours is all we need for finishing our school. Mom and Dad get to go to school almost all day, being in the institute.
Everyone's been doing well, the only sickness we've had is the stomach flu (that what Mom, Dad, and Micah got) and just the regular flu with body aches and sore throat (I got that, as well as Mom). We've been having an awesome time with our extended family. Last night, we had all the kids over to watch a movie, which happened to be Cars. They thought it was pretty funny that the cars had eyes and could talk. Anyway, we had popcorn and snickerdoodles for snack. It was great!
Thanks everyone, for praying for us. The only prayer request that I have, is constant power. That might help a lot.


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  1. Hi Kara! That is one LONG power outage. Good to hear that you haven't been to sick