Saturday, January 8, 2011

Moving in!

The past few months have been amazing! The power was off for most of those months, only a few hours (usually at night) was it on. Finally, the power started turning on during the night time, after six o'clock usually. Phew! Then during the Christmas week, the power was usually on 24/7.
Now we are all moved into our completely solar powered house. :) No need to worry about power any more!
Yeah, about that moving in. It took us three days just to move all our stuff.... It was a lot harder for me to leave the house we have been living in than to leave Colorado Springs, maybe it's because I know we are going back to Colorado, but we will never call that house home anymore. Our house is awesome, it's small so it's easier to move around in. We are close to friends but farther away from our Ebenezer family and the church, which will be harder for everyone.
Speaking of friends and family, all the family group kids went on a holiday during Christmas to see their families, so we were missing them while they were gone.I am also missing Jonica, the only American girl my age here. Her and her family are on a furlough in America right now, but thankfully I've got some other guys my age here that I can hang out with. Brevin and Jensen are in a family of seven, Kasana, Kynan and Tiegan are their younger brothers and sister. Brevin, Jensen and I are making a movie with all the other british and American kids here. We try to film every day (except Sunday) to get this movie done. We started last week and have gotten scenes 1, 2, 3, and six done. We are trying to get 4, 5, 7, 8, and 9 done today.
We have had sweet corn for two weeks, straight out of the garden. We have also gotten strawberries, green peppers, and we will hopefully get a watermelon soon. I like growing things in Uganda! :) The only problem is that it's the dry season right now, so we have to hand water everything in our large garden....

We are missing you all here in Uganda! Please pray that we will be able to settle into our new home, and that we will get our furniture soon, we only have plastic chairs and a bench to sit on at our table right now, and we don't have any dressers or closets to put our clothes in. Also pray that our floor will get finished the way we would like it, right now it's just cement, no varnish or anything.
Thanks everyone for your support!

Kara Peterson

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  1. Happy new year to you all. Loved the Blog-hope it all works out with the furniture! Karen x