Thursday, January 6, 2011

Random things

Last Tuesday my Dad, my Mom, and I went to Kampala. Kara didn't want to come so she stayed at home. I had to get my tooth pulled because of a cavity again, except this time it hurt worse, and the cavity was deeper. Then last Wednesday we started packing. The people who owned the house that we were living in were coming back in three days. So last Wednesday and last Thursday we got ready to move into our new house, and last Thursday night we moved in. On Friday we cleaned the people's house, and on Saturday they came back. And yes, even as I type I am sitting at our new table on our new bench in our new house!
On Sunday, after church, when everybody was talking, Elisha, a kid of the people who owned the house and who is seven years old invited me to come down to his house at 4:00 ( I knew him because we came before his family left). So I played with him until 6:00. 6:00 is when everyone is supposed to go home. Then the next day, Monday, at about 3:55, I went down to get Kevin, who is a brother to Toby, my friend. Kevin is also my friend. Kevin and I went down to play with Elisha(Toby was sick) until 6:00.
On Tuesday Toby was better and Elisha was up at Toby's house at about 9:30, so I played there for a bit. Then at 10:30 Elisha had to go back home so we rode him home and then went back to Toby and Kevin's house. At 11:00 Toby asked his mom if him and Kevin could eat at my house and then we rode up to my house(my new house of course) and asked my mom. Both said it was okay. So we played at my house until lunch. After lunch I wasn't allowed to play so Toby and Kevin went home. Yesterday again Elisha was at Toby's house so I played with them until lunch. After lunch, Toby didn't want to play so Elisha and I played till 6:00. Today there has been so much work to do that I haven't been able to do anything. The days here have fun. We all thank you for your prayers. (The bird is a baby Plantain Eater)
Micah Peterson.

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