Thursday, March 24, 2011

The Camp+other stuff.

A relaxing week? Maybe. The 14, on Monday, we didn't have any school. Actually, we didn't have school the whole week. That night, Monday 14, we went to our Family Group. When we got back, we packed a little bit, not much though. The next morning, Tuesday the 15, we woke up kinda early, eat breakfast, and finished packing. The whole time it was raining lightly. When we were done packing, we packed the car up, made sure we had everything we needed, and drove off. We went down to our Family Group to pick up someone who was coming with us, then we headed toward Kiwoko, the nearest town to us.
When we got there, Mwine, the guy from our Family Group that was coming with us, directed us to a place that his friend who was also coming with us was, and once he was in the car, we started off toward Kampala. When we finally got to Kampala, which takes about 2 hours, we did a little shopping here and there. When we were in the last store that we were going to that day, we decided to get some lunch. So we did, and ate it on the way to Mukono, where Mwine and the other guy were getting off.
See, Mwine and the other guy were going to a school in Mukono to do there 11 and 12 grades. So when we got to Mukono, they got off at the school and then we continued toward Musana Camps, which is right by ( okay, not right by) Lake Victoria. When we got there, Bambino, one of the dogs there, was the first one to great us. He had just gotten stitches so he had a cone on. Then the Bouffards welcomed us.
The Bouffards and the Jacksons are two western Families that are living at the Camp. The Bouffards are two adults, one older girl, one younger girl, and one younger boy. The Jacksons are two adults, one one and three fourths year old boy and one four month old baby girl. So we were at the Camp with the two Families, two dogs named Bambino and Nala, and one little monkey named Wes. The monkey didn't really like people, and most of the time he would bite them.
When we left the Camp after three days, we headed back to Kampala. When we got there, we went to a Hotel for the night. The next morning, we ate breakfast and headed out. Did some more shopping, and then headed back for Kasana. Last night, the 24, we went to the Brown's house for dinner. The Browns are an English family with one Adopted Ugandan.
We have been getting a few rainstorms but its still not enough. Thank you for your prayers, and please keep praying for rain!

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