Sunday, March 13, 2011

The usual.

Things have again been the same. We wake up, have breakfast, do school, have lunch, on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday we have Luganda lessons, the rest of the afternoon we spend doing different things, come back to the house, have supper/dinner, and go to bed. On Friday we planted sweet corn. We would dig a hole, put fertilizer in, push a little dirt on top of it, put three sweet corn seeds about an inch from each other and the back of the hole on top of it, push a little dirt on top of it, pour about a table spoon of ash on top of it, then put the rest of the dirt on top. Usually, at four thirty on the weekdays, I go over to one of my friend's house.

I just got back from a basketball game with my Dad, and no, I was not playing in the game, I was only watching it. But before and after the game, I was playing with some other big boys. We played for a while, but then it was getting late so we all had to go back to our homes.

This coming Tuesday we are going to go to Musana Camps, which is a camp that is close to the coastline of Lake Victoria. We will be there until Friday morning, when we leave to go back to Kampala. We will stay in a Hotel there for Friday night and leave in the morning to go shop a bit and then head back to New Hope. We will get back on Saturday evening.

We are getting more rain than before, but still just a little bit. Before it had rained hard about two weeks ago, we had heard that a weather forecaster said that there wasn't going to be rain until the end of May. This would've meant a famine for Uganda! Yes, even for us westerners! So thank you for your prayers, but we need more! Thank you, and please keep praying!

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