Thursday, March 24, 2011


Now don't get me wrong. I love kittens, but usually I wouldn't put the word 'kittens' with three exclamation marks after it. This is special, I guess. I'm kinda bummed that on the Chinese calendar it doesn't say 'Year of the kittens' because this year kind of is.
First, Ali cat has kittens (I think I already posted that but if not, they're six weeks old today) then we hear that the Bakimis (U. Jonnes and family) had a litter and there's now two litters in Kampala that we are getting a calico kitten from one of them! Sheesh. Talk about cat fights.....
So anyway. Micah, my dad and mom have kept you updated I suppose. We were at the camp for three days. Overlooking Lake Vic and exploring, huddling under a roof and playing with a monkey while it rained, getting cuts and bruises, cooking s'mores... All that good stuff. And now we're back here. There's not much news, just the fact that this Saturday I might be leading the song "Jesus Paid it All" on worship night. I hope not but I might be 'forced' to do so. :) Peace and Joel can be so convincing sometimes...
It rains almost every day now, hip hip hurrah! Kara

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