Monday, October 17, 2011

In Entebbe.

Sunday a week ago was Independence Day for Uganda. It wasn't as eventful as America's Independence Day, otherwise known as Fourth of July, they just did church and talked about Jubilee and other stuff. Yes, that was Uganda's 49th Independence day, and Uganda is going into it's 50th year. Please pray for Uganda.
Then on Tuesday we started out for Entebbe for my Dad's birthday. We swam Lake Vic Hotel for the afternoon and went for dinner at a pizza place. The next day, Wednesday, we had breakfast at the Motel that we were staying at and then went to Lake Vic Hotel and swam all day. We met a person that we know from here in New Hope and swam with her too.
The next day, Thursday, we had breakfast and left for Kampala. When we got there we went to the Brown's house (my friend Joel Brown? Those Browns. See previous blogs) and stayed there for a while. Then we left and went shopping and had lunch and then went home.
Saturday we had an Ebenezer boy over and he and I with, my Mom overlooking, made apple pie for Ebenezer because they were coming for a movie night. So we started making it at 2:30 and finished at about 6:00. We had to make four pies so it took a while. Then they came over at seven and we started watching. We're doing the Lord of the Rings series and we finished Two Towers that night. Everyone liked the pie.
On Sunday we had Ebenezer over to do a Football (soccer) match on 'Ebenezer Stadium'. No one got hurt except one who hurt his foot (Haha "foot"ball). So it was fun.
Thank you all for your prayers. None of us are hurt or sick anymore. My Dad got better and our sores are healing. My sunburns that I got in Entebbe are peeling, so soon they will be gone. Thank you all for everything!


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