Monday, October 3, 2011

Coming up birthday.

So the tournament was fun. We've had good weeks, missing our friends and families, missing having fun in America, missing having adventures (even though we have some here). Yeah, all that good stuff.
But of course we have to have fun here too. Driving in Crazy Kampala, playing with friends, swimming in pools, going to Musana Camps, watching tournaments. Yeah, all that more good stuff.
We've gone to church on Sundays. Had school on weekdays. Gone to our family group Ebenezer on Tuesdays. Had our family night (just the four of us) on Friday nights. Wait. I've told you all that "day" stuff before haven't I? Anyway: yeah, all that OTHER good stuff.
Saturday night we had our Ebenezer Family over for a Movie night. Then the next day, Sunday, my Dad preached the sermon. He had a drama skit with two of our Ebenezer boys, himself, and Kara in it. They all did good. My Mom said that my Dad couldn't have picked better people for the parts.
Yesterday also the Boufards came. As soon as I'm done with this Kara and I will go over and play with them. Then at four we will go play Basketball. This Saturday we will go to another tournament (basketball).
My Dad's birthday is in a week and two days and we are going to go to Entebbe for it. Quick amazing fact: Entebbe means Chair in Luganda. Amazing but true.
Thank you for your prayers. We are doing well except for my Dad who is feeling a bit sick. He is out of energy and is dizzy and needs prayer. Thank you all for your support and prayer.


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