Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Basketball Tournament again!!

Yes, there is another Basketball tournament for the Boys and Girls again. It is tomorrow and Thursday, and we will be leaving pretty early. This time Kara will play because she is also on the team now.
The days have been normal, which is doing school, plus having fun playing basketball. Plus going to our family groups on Tuesday nights. Plus going to church on Sunday. But there hasn't been a basketball tournament for a long time now.
There hasn't been much happening lately. We did have another basketball game here though. Lady Staff against the Girls again, and Men Staff against the Boys again. This time, though, the Girls won their game, and the Boys won their game. We had lots of fun, once again, watching the game, and playing at halftime and after it.
When we go to the tournament tomorrow, we will go to New Hope's Basketball court in the early morning and meet the Basketball teams, Boys and Girls, there. Then we will head out, them in the bus, us and others in our (Peterson's) car. We will have breakfast on the way, and should get there pretty early also.Then we will play, and come back home for the night. The next morning we will do the same thing, and once again come back home for the night.
On Friday morning we will head in to Kampala because my Dad is teaching IY(Investment Year). I will probably play with Joel Brown's little brother, Silas Brown, until IY is over, unless Joel comes back early. I don't remember where we are spending the night. Then on Saturday we will meet some friends who are leaving back to America on Sunday. We will spend time with them all day, spend the night in a Hotel with them, then see them off on Sunday.
 On Sunday we will meet one of our Ebenezer boys who is in school in Mukono. We will eat Lunch with him and then go shopping after he leaves. Then after we go shopping, we will come back here to New Hope. Hopefully these days will be fun.
Thank you all for your prayers. Please pray that the trip will go well, and the tournaments too. Keep praying for future stuff too. This Year is a busy one. Thank you all again for your prayers and support, we all appreciate it.


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