Monday, April 9, 2012

Happy Easter(Resurrection Day)!

        (Written on Monday the ninth)
Happy Easter everyone! Yes, some people get offended when we call it Easter. That’s why sometimes it’s better to say Resurrection Day. Because, in a sense, it makes more sense. What happened on Easter? Jesus was resurrected from the dead. Therefore, Resurrection Day makes sense.
The last few days have gone as regular, except for yesterday and today. We did school last week as usual. We went to the family group as usual also. On Friday night we had an actual Passover meal with bread, meat, and a special kind of juice.
On Sunday, after church, we went down to the family group for an Easter lunch. We also celebrated the family group parent’s little boy’s birthday. After that we came back and played a football match in ‘Ebenezer Stadium’. Then we had them over for a Movie night and watched Courageous.
Today we are having the Family group over for a Basketball game. As soon as I finish this I will head over. We are also having a family group boy over for dinner. He is a fun guy. No pun intended.
Thank you all for your prayers and support. We all appreciate it very much. We have not had much rain for a while and our cistern is getting empty. Please pray for that. There are also a few people who are having problems. Please pray for them. Thank you all very much once again.


  1. Happy Birthday to the ''group parents little boy'' ;) So happy to hear updates from you, Micah! {Along with an occasional one from the rest of the family}

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