Monday, October 1, 2012

Still in Colorado.

     Yes, we are still in Colorado, and will be for another two weeks. The time here is getting shorter and busier. We are spending time with friends, and very soon with family, as we stay here in Colorado Springs.
     The last week hasn't been very busy, but these next weeks are getting busier as people want to see us before we go. I haven't posted a blog for a while, so I will bring you up to date. I posted my last blog on the 17th, so I will start with the 18th.
     The 18th was the day before we left Kansas. Nothing really happened except that we went to the Chestnuts house for dinner. The next day we headed out and got here sometime in the afternoon. The next day we went on the Crags hike,  a hike near Pikes Peak. I don't remember what we did on Friday and Saturday, but we did go to Church on Saturday night. Sunday was free, except for going to dinner with the Ashes, a family we've known for a while.
     Monday and Tuesday we didn't have anything, so we did school for the morning and just hung out at home.Wednesday we went to have dinner with a Pastor from Mountain Springs church and his wife. The next day, Thursday the 27th, my Mom and I went to one of my friends' house, who I had known since we were last here. We then went to the Gages house for dinner, another family we knew.
     Friday was the 'fatal' day you could call it. In the Morning we went to the Ashes again. We were there for lunch and stayed for a while, the headed over to the YMCA, the same place where, five years ago, I had gotten my first concussion. Five years later I got in a head-to-head collision with a friend, and, unknown to myself, it also destroyed my evening plans.
     Couple hours later I was having trouble saying what I meant, and being unusually clumsy. A little while later I'm in the Hospital and I don't even remember it. I don't even remember where I last remember. Then when I started being conscious of myself it was at about 5:30 the next day.
     That day, Saturday the 29th, was uneventful, except for going to the Mirandas for dinner, more of our friends. Kara stayed the night with the Mirandas that night though. The next day my parents and I went to the morning service at Mountain Springs Church then went to have lunch with the Baloos. Today there is nothing happening, so we will just hang out for the day.
     Thank you all for you prayer and support. We all appreciate it a lot. We are doing well and can't wait to see the rest of our friends and relatives. Pray that the rest of the trip would go well. Thank you all again!


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