Thursday, November 1, 2012

In Des Moines.

     So we are now in Des Moines, which is just south of Seattle in Washington (Washington State, not Washington DC). Or, more exact, Auburn, which is right by Seattle. We have had quite a travel, from Colorado, to Southern California, to here.
     I haven't written a Blog for a while, so I'll bring you up to date. On Thursday the 4th, three days after my last blog, my Mom's parents came to visit us one last time. They stay through the 6th, then the next day, Sunday, the 7th, they left early. The next two days we hung out and did school. Then Wednesday the 10th we went and picked up my Dad's parents at the airport. Then that night we went to my Grandpa's sister's house. We spent that night, and the next, and the next, and the next there.
     On Sunday the 14th, we headed out to Durango, Colorado. We stayed at a big lodge just outside of Durango. The next day we headed out towards Flagstaff, Arizona. On our way there, we stopped at Four Corners. The monument was not like I thought it would be. Then the next day, the 16th, we started on our way to the GRAND CANYON!!! It was HUGE! Anyways, after that, we continued on our way to Kingman, AZ. Then, on Wednesday the 17th we finally got to Costa Mesa, California. We stayed there for three nights. The next day, Thursday the 18th, we went and saw the collage that both my Mom and Dad went to, and where they met. Then in the afternoon, we went to Newport beach, and went swimming for a while. It was hard, though, cause the current was strong, and the current was going diagonal. Towards the beach, and to the right a lot.
     Then the next day we went to a place we have wanted to go to for a long time... DISNEYLAND!!! Some of the rides were fun, but it was still disappointing, because we spent four of our eight hours there in line. I think my favorite part was Space Mountain. They just redid it a year ago, so it might be better now.
     The next day we headed towards Coarsegold, CA, where my Dad's younger sister lived. We stayed there for two nights. I guess I should mention that my Aunt's Husband has replicas of some of the swords from Lord of the Rings! They were the same length, width, weight, and so on. The first picture is of me with Aragorn's best sword, Anduril, Flame of the west. The other one is the Grand Canyon. Anyways, on Monday the 22nd we headed up to Stockton, and visited most of my relatives that were living around there. Then Tuesday we went to a family's house, that was close to Jacksonville, Oregon, that used to live in Uganda, the Zimmerman's, and stayed there for the night. Then the next day, Wednesday the 24th, we had our longest day of travel. We went from about Jacksonville all the way to Des Moines.
     The next four days we hung out at my Grandparents house and didn't do much besides going to church and that kind of thing. Then on Monday we went to a free breakfast at Ikea. After that we moved into the house that we are in now. Tuesday we did school in the morning then in the afternoon we went to a clothing bank, then after we went and got our new computer. Now we have two computers for as long as the one that I'm typing on right now.
     Wednesday, as everybody knows, it was Halloween. We still did school, and then we had lunch at my Grandparents' friends' house for lunch. Then after that we went and saw the movie Hotel Transylvania! Then we went back to my Grandparents' house to hang out for Halloween night. We handed out candy to the Trick or Treaters, and Kara and I snuck around outside watching the people that were walking around. It was fun. Now we come to today. Today we, of course, did our school, and after this, Kara and I are going to watch Phineas and Ferb for a little bit.

     Thank you all for your provision and support. We appreciate it very much. We are coming to the end of our Furlough, and will soon be going back to Uganda. January 1st is when we fly out. Please pray for the rest of our days, and that our flight would go well. Thanks again!

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