Monday, May 10, 2010

Faith and Figuring

I ended up in Luke 17 this morning wondering why Luke had put these three stories (pericopes) together in one place. It was interesting that the NIV has the heading "Sin, Faith, Duty" above verses 1-10. Luke seemed to be putting a person who makes another stumble (though he can and should be rebuked and forgiven) next to a person with just a little faith and then shows the example of the Samaritan leper and the Pharisees.

I think I saw the tie-in. The Pharisees being the example of the stumbling block, asking a lot of questions and wanting the answers but Jesus says the kingdom of God is right here. We have an opportunity to live out the kingdom of God. It is caring for others, loving others. Living each day carrying our pain and rejection, our frustrations of the day, our headaches of daily worries to Jesus for relief (i.e. the lepers). Then, in faith, when we obey and are healed we turn back to Jesus to praise and thank Him. In turn, He heals all (Greek word for "heal" also meaning "saves"). I think He saves us from our arrogance and pride.

When it is all said and done, as the servant in verse 10, we can only respond, "I'm only doing my duty." Humility.

I needed this today with my cares and worries and stress and headache. To cast all my cares/burdens/infirmities on Him and obey, moment by moment, gentle prompting after gentle prompting and then when He heals/saves to thank and praise Him, it is the only way of life in chaos.

Praise You Jesus for healing and saving. Only by God's grace, Tim

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