Saturday, May 29, 2010


Wow did we get rain! I guess that's understandable when you are in equatorial Africa in the rainy season. Our neighbors, the Vogt's asked us to take in their wash hanging on the line if it started raining. They would be gone a few days and their house workers leave at 1:00.
Just as I drove into our drive with our groundskeeper (Kipeti) after a trip to Kiwoko (my second drive) it began to rain. By the time we began to get the wash off the line it was beginning to rain harder and by the time we got under cover it was a downpour. Then I realized I didn't have the key to their house so I gave all the wash to Kipeti and ran to our house to get the key. As I looked up coming across our yard, there were all of the McFarland's chickens OUTSIDE the chicken coop. So much for house sitting. Oh well, this is the third time, we'll get them back in. By the time I headed back to the Vogt's house, it was a torrential downpour. As I was putting the clothes into their house, I realized I hadn't shut the shutters in our house. Just then I looked out the window and saw Kara running down the drive in that torrential downpour toward our house. She was running to get out of the rain but also running to get the shutters closed. I ran to help her get the shutters closed. Thankfully nothing had yet gotten THAT wet.
We got all the chickens back. And as I write this we are getting another rain. Whoops I left the mower out. Gotta go. Only by God's grace, Tim

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  1. Reminds me that song 'Amazing Grace' with the line 'grace like rain.'