Sunday, May 23, 2010

Finally here at New Hope!

And yes, finally. After over two days flying and hanging around in the airport with less than ten hours of sleep, the jet lag is catching up to us. We were living in the guest house until the McFarlands moved out of their house (going on furlough). We are taking care of their dog, chickens, and house until they return. And as for their car, we own it!
God has worked out many things for us to prepare us to come here. One example would be our car/cars. Before we left we sold both of our vehicles to friends, and for that exact amount, we bought our car here. New engine, old car, just what my Dad was praying for.
It's been fun here, hot, but fun. This weather is unusual for the rainy season. Boy and if this is hot... I'm going to be steaming in the next few months!
As the McFarlands are going on furlough, most of the other American families are also. God must of set that up. With the white families gone, getting to know more Ugandan kids is more likely. I already know a few, and Micah has some pretty good friends.
Missing everyone back at the US! Can't wait to see who's going to visit!

With love,
Kara Peterson

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