Monday, July 11, 2011

Another trip to Kampala.

Another trip to Kampala. Another fun and nice time. The same set up, just the opposite and a different hotel. Wednesday the Britton parents left for Kampala to stay two nights there and their kids stayed at our house for Wednesday and Thursday. We had fun then, yes, but then we got to have more fun in Kampala.
My family (including me) and the Britton kids left somewhat early on Friday morning. When we got to Kampala we went to the lodge (this hotel was called a lodge) that we were staying at. The Britton parents met us there. Almost right away we got in the pool. After about 15 minutes we had lunch, and then got back in. When we got out we took showers and then went exploring. We found fruit that looked and tasted like Blackberries, but might not of been. Then we had Dinner and then watched Cars 2 (way better than the first one (has car spies in it)), which the Brittons had just gotten.
The next morning we had breakfast and then went shopping. Our families ( us (Petersons) and the Brittons) separated then because we had different places to go. Then we went to a tire place and sat almost 3 hours while they tried to get the tire on. Then we went to another place and got some stuff, then went to another place and got some stuff, and then had lunch there. After lunch we headed home, and luckily, we got back before 7:00.
Thank you everyone for your prayers, but keep praying just in case. There is nothing happening at the moment, but there might be soon. We are also all looking forward to the Kansas team coming down. We are all well and are pretty content!

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