Monday, July 18, 2011


The days, as usual, have been usual. Even going to Kampala almost twice a month is getting commonly usual. We have, actually, already gone twice this month, and we're still going twice again!
Nothing exciting has happened except that the Browns (a family that we know) have come back to Uganda from the UK. We have had much fun. We've done school on the week days and gone to our family group on Tuesdays. Tomorrow my Dad will go to Kampala to meet with someone from Musana Camp (previous blogs).
One of the boys in Ebenezer ran away on Tuesday. He used to live on the streets in Kampala, and came to Ebenezer before we had connected with the family. He ran away once before we came to Uganda, then came back right after we got connected with Ebenezer. Now he's run away again and needs prayer. Please pray as we don't know where he is.
This weekend I am going to have two birthday parties in a row. This Saturday we are having our family group over for my birthday and watch a movie. We will also have Toby Britton and Joel Brown over for a sleep over and then the next morning, Sunday, we, my family, Joel, and Toby, will go to Kampala. We'll go to a place with a pool and swim and then come back to Kasana in the evening. Beside these things, nothing is really happening much.
Thank you all for your prayers, and keep praying. Especially for the boy in Ebenezer. Thank you all for your support, we are doing very good!


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