Monday, September 26, 2011

The Tournament

(Written on Monday 26th September 2011)

The Basketball tournament for the S1s And S2s was yesterday. On Friday we had our last practice before and they took it easy. On Saturday we (the Petersons) went to Kampala because my dad had to get new glasses. We got there at about 9:00 and waited at a restaurant for an Ebenezer boy who was doing school in a town not far from Kampala. We had scheduled to meet at 9:00. It was raining hard at the time. We waited and then finally he called at about 9:45 and said that it was raining too hard to come and he said that he hadn't even left yet.
So we went and did some shopping at a nearby store in the same building as the restaurant. The eye place was also in the same building and so my dad got the glasses. Then we went back to wait. At about 10:30 he finally came. We then sat down to eat. While we were waiting for the food to come, me sister pulled out her Ipod and we showed the boy some games. He has a really fun laugh and when he was trying the games, he laughed a lot. It was funny and fun. We left at about 1:15 and got home at 3:00.
The next day we met the S1s and S2s at the basketball court at about 7:00. My dad told them what we were going to be doing, then we left at 7:45. We were all excited and they were ready to play until we saw the court. I mean they were still ready to play and were excited, but the court...
The court was basically rocks and dirt, what you find on bad roads, with ash for the lines, and no nets on the baskets, just the rims. They started playing at about 11:00. The boys lost their first game, won their second, and lost their third. The girls won their first, lost their second, and lost their third, even though Kara was playing. It was complicated and I'm sure someone else will tell you how she got to play. And no, I didn't play. We got back at about 9:00.
Thank you for all your prayers. Please pray for my Mom, as she is somewhat sick. Keep praying for future things also!

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