Monday, September 12, 2011

'Basketball' week.

This week we have played Basketball a lot. It started on Friday morning when my Dad had to train some girls. Kara and I went with him. Then the next day, Saturday, my parents had to go to Kampala for a wedding, which turned out to be a crazy day. I'm sure they'll tell you about it in a later Blog. Anyway, we heard people playing on the basketball court at about 8:30, so we went over. It was the secondary boys who are on New Hope's team. They said they had been over there since 6:00 in the morning. So we played most of the morning. We had Jonica Biedler, one of Kara's friends, come over at 6:00. She helped us make dinner and then our parents got home, so we ate, watched a movie and Kara and Jonica had a sleepover.
Then the next day, Sunday, my Dad and I played basketball a bit. Then today (Monday) my Dad once again had to train the girls. Kara and I again went with him, played until three and then I came back to begin this. As soon as I'm done I'll go back over there.
Yesterday, also, we had the Ebenezer family over and we played football on 'Ebenezer Stadium' as they called it, which is a field that the boys slashed. We played until 6:00 and then they went home. On Friday, when the Biedlers came, we got our tub. Thank you Mormor and Poppie! We got five basketballs, clothes, gum candy, pans, some other things that I'm forgetting, and some other things I don't know about.
Thank you for all your prayers! We are doing very well, not many injuries. Please keep praying for anything that could happen!


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