Friday, September 23, 2011

Basketball Tournament

Sunday's the day! Seventh and eighth grade (S1-S2), teams go to the tournaments on Sunday in Matugga. Many of the kids can't wait! I guess I should explain a bit...
There are two teams, boys and girls. They mix the seventh and eighth grades in the teams. There are ten girls (not counting myself, I'll tell you why in a sec) and eleven boys. Many of the girls are shorter than me and I was counting myself short... Yeesh! And even some of the boys are shorter than me (almost 5'6" if anyone was wondering) but they are all doing pretty well. Everyone doesn't know all they should about the game, but four months ago there was no girl's team! And I think the girls have a good chance of doing at least somewhat well... We'll see. I'm sure they'd appreciate prayers.
Why am I not included? It's pretty simple actually. Short story- I'm not in the school so I can't play in the tournament. Long story- In the tournament, you have to have a student I.D. and in order to get a student I.D. you have to BE a student. So I'm not taking any classes in the school until next year. And therefore I can't be part of the team this year, and therefore I can't be in the tournament.
The boy's team has two Stallions with them, and another Stallion-in-training. The Stallions are the team that went to the Nationals at the beginning of this year, and they are GOOD. So the boy's team has a chance, especially since they've been playing longer than the girls. But we'll see. You never know. If they win this tournament, which I'm sure they have a good chance of doing...
You people who are reading this... Are probably wondering why I'm talking so much about basketball. Some people would say I'm addicted. Probably. Can't say for sure.
The only other thing that's happening soon is Worship Night, which is tomorrow. We are going to Kampala, and need to be back by 5:30. Preferably 4:00. Could you please pray for traffic to be good (is that a prober sentence?) and us to be able to be back by 3:30 by earliest, no setbacks, no nothing... And pray for me to have courage and to remember the words to the rap I'm doing tomorrow... "Everybody d-d-d-d-dance jus' like David did, move your feet to b-b-b-b-beat to p-p-p-p-praise the King, we dance undignified, unashamed to lift him high, gonna sing His praise to His will while we wait for the day when He'll split the skies... So dance a little, move a little, even if my bones get brittle, take it out, to the streets to shout it out like crazy people- Jesus freaks! We don't care, we're unashamed to live His name- Jesus freaks! We don't care, to live is Christ to die is gain!" Yeah. That's it. So pray. Please. And pray that when we play football (soccer) tomorrow we'll not get injured... And definitely pray for the tournament!!!!

By the way, the two pics are of our weird cats playing with each other, I thought them funny enough to put on the Blog!

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