Monday, September 10, 2012

Having a good time!

     We are having a good time here in Kansas. We have been staying at the Kelley's place for most of our time here. We are still doing school as we are here, so we don't get behind. Most of our days are filled with us having Lunch or Dinner with different people. Tuesday we hung out at the Kelley's, Wednesday we did the same. Thursday we went to the Roth's for dinner. Friday we also went to the      Kelley's.
     Saturday my Dad was speaking at a Men's Breakfast at the church, so I went with him. Jairus also had another football game that morning. That night my parents and the Kelley parents went to Topeka to have dinner with some of the Kelley's friends. Kara went to the Derosier's, and I hung out at the Kelley's with the Kelley kids.
     Sunday my Dad preached at both services, and we had lunch there at the church, where we also spoke. Today Kara and I had a dentist appointment at nine, then I did school when we got home. After lunch my eyes were itching and were hurting. We went to see John Kelley (he's a doctor) and he suggested a couple medicines. Cold water also helps. Tonight we are going to have dinner with the mission team.
     Thank you all for your prayers. We are so far doing ok, and having a good time traveling across the States seeing family and friends. Please pray for my eyes, and the cold that three of us have. Also pray for the rest of our trip. Thank you all, and I hope I see all of you (except for those we've already seen)soon!


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