Monday, September 17, 2012

Still in Kansas

    Yes, we are still in Kansas but not for very long. We are leaving on Wednesday. But for now, we are enjoying our last moments in Kansas. We have had fun while we were here.
    Tuesday we were free for the morning, so we did most of our school. The rest we brought to the church, where we were having lunch with the Young at Heart group. That night we went to Jason and Chelsie's house for dinner. We actually were at their wedding some time ago. Wednesday my Dad went to Breakfast with a friend and lunch with another friend while we did school. In the afternoon we went to the Kelleys to do dirtbikes. It was Kara's first time, but I had done it before on Friday the 7th. It's a lot of fun. We went to the Sterlings for dinner that night.
    Thursday my Dad went for Coffee with a friend while we did school, then we went to lunch with the Tiers. Then after that we went to visit with the Cotts, then we went to Audrey Derosiers track meet. That night we went to the Dreeszens house for dinner. Friday my Mom went with Dana Kelley to Manhattan to do some stuff there. That afternoon we went to the Kelleys to do dirtbikes again. I just can't get enough of riding them. They're so fun to ride. We made dinner for Nancy and Rick Hammel, the people whose house we are staying in, that night (Friday).
    Saturday my Mom and my sister went to Manhattan with Laura Derosier. That day my Dad and I spent time together. We went to Sonic for lunch, took the food to a park, then when we finished, we went to the Clay Center Zoo. Then we came home. We went to the Richardsons for dinner that night. Sunday we went for lunch at the Clemons, visited the Petersons (we have friends with the last name Peterson also), then went for dinner with a small group. Today my Dad went to Coffee with another friend, and we went to lunch with Gail and Martha Habluetzel. My Dad and Kara are going to Kara's contact training in 2 minutes, and we are going to the Kelleys sometime this afternoon.
    Thank you all again for your prayer. We all appreciate it. We are doing well here in Kansas and on our trip. Please pray for the colds we have, and my eyes. They are starting to get better, but not very fast. Also pray for the rest of our trip across America. Thank you all again!

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