Tuesday, September 4, 2012

In Kansas

We are now in Clay Center, Kansas. Next will be Colorado. We are having a good time traveling across the States, seeing our friends and family. In Kansas, we have more friends then everywhere else combined (I think)!
We got here (Clay Center) on Friday afternoon. Soon afterwards we went to the Kelley's (good friends of ours) house. Then we went to Kansas' annual rodeo. That was fun, cause I had never seen a rodeo before. The next day we went to a really good bakery that has good donuts. We also went to Jarius Kelley's first football game. His team did good, even though they lost. Then we went back to the Kelley's, and hung out there through supper.
 Sunday we went to Church, of course, then went home for lunch. Afterwards, we went to the Wallaces (more friends of ours) and swam in their pool. We had a good time there also, although we didn't get to be there very long. Then we went to the Kelley's again.
Monday we spent the day at the Kelley's, then went to dinner with the Kansas team that came to Uganda last year. Today we have been doing school (ugh) and once I finish this, we will be going to play Basketball.
As I said before, we have been having a great time traveling across America. Thank you all for your prayers and support, we are doing very well. Pray that the rest of our trip would go smoothly. Thank you all again!


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