Monday, September 24, 2012

Humbling & Aspens

Last night I was once again humbled to hear that I HAVE been used by God and He HAS worked in me. Too often I wonder if anything I do is honoring my Father. This furlough has been very encouraging but it has at times filleted me, knowing that anything good that is happening is God's work in me. It is hard to know how to handle complements and praise that I know is for God but is pointed at me. I love to hear the praise but in the end I know it really isn't for me even though people say my name.

I'm challenged to dig deeper because I still get a sense that Christ has only just begun in me and He has so much further to go.

I left the U.S. in 2010 bound for Uganda thinking I had only two children. God had blessed us with Kara and Micah and I love to see Him working in them. Then as I returned I thought I had an additional 19 sons and daughters in Uganda that I was missing. Since being here in the States, I have seen the fruit of God's work and He is showing me, as the Apostles Paul and John and Peter said, that there are spiritual children and grandchildren that I have not even accounted for and many I don't even know about.

I looked back and recounted the children we left behind in Uganda and I know of at least 33 that I need to be praying for and searching God's heart on their behalf.

The aspens are a good picture of this. The roots spread underground and many grow up from those that spread their roots. It is hard to tell, in a grove of them, which is the parent that has grown all of these and yet, each is grown for the glory of God and, especially in the fall, they sing the beauty of our God and Father, the Great I AM.

Only for God's glory,

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