Monday, September 24, 2012

Shadow of the Mountain... Ok, not really.

So.... Do I start all my blogs with so? Anyway. So, here we are in Colorado. Do I say that in all my blogs too?
Well, we are in Colorado however. The time in Kansas was AWESOME! I loved being with old friends, and being surprised by how some have grown. I especially loved hanging with my bestest friend Audrey, we threw a sleepover (even though Audrey was super tired), ran around the church together, headed to Manhattan (with the moms), snacked at sonic (actually it was more of a dinner), and took pictures in the park. I really enjoyed talking to her, catching up again after three years. I know, it's a long time. Thanks Audrey, for an amazing time with you!!! I really hope you come to Uganda so we can do it again, this time in my world.
Another friend I really REALLY had fun with, was Emilee. I mentioned her in my last post, but I can't remember if I spelled her name wrong... :D I also slept over at her house one night. We had fun, and I don't think I'll ever forget her dog, Rascal. I don't know how to spell his name, sorry Em. Anyway, I was interviewed, then we watched America's got talent and the Voice, then slept for about five hours. No wonder I was so tired... We headed down to the Zoo, or, the Zoo Park as I've called it since I was little. We 'spoke' to the Cockatoo there. Oh, he was so funny! He really didn't like Emilee's laugh. I have no idea why though... ;)
It was also cool getting back together with most of the mission team, seeing people I've known my whole life (like the Richardsons and Kelleys), riding horses, and driving dirt bikes for the first time!!! Thanks to all my Clay Center family for blessing me with an amazing time with you! Can't wait to see you again, in my African home or just coming back a last time before college. Wow. College... Ok... That's a bit far off... Back to the present.
Right after we got to Colorado, we went hiking. Ok, the next day after we arrived in Colorado, we went hiking. I think I took, like, four hundred pictures. Seems like a lot, but hey, I'm practicing my photography skills! I'll perhaps post some in this blog or the next one. I've got so many pictures to put up!!!!
I'm looking forward to hanging out with some of my close friends in Colorado Springs, Marisa, Danielle, Sydney, Brooke, the Eash boys, Daums... And many more...
Still missing my family back Home, the Africa Home, but I'm so glad I get to see these friends again! And my relatives too, did I mention we ate dinner with my great aunt and uncle Thursday evening? Good to see you again Aunt Joan and Uncle Rodger!
And about the title, we're not exactly in the shadow of Pikes Peak, but we're pretty close. We're in black forest. Appropriate name.

First pic, Audrey and I, me, Audrey, Audrey and I. :D Second, with the Clemens family, Third, Kelleys, fourth, Richardsons, us on dirt bikes, and
mom with an aspen leaf in her hand. Aspens are her favorite tree in the fall!!! I loved taking pictures of them...


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  1. Thanks for spelling my name right this time... And, just FYI, you spell our beloved dogs name as follows: Raskal. Loved spending time with you and your fam! Hope to do so again... soon! BEFORE college! :)